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The Soliloquy of a Sonador

Ever since you flew away, I have been conjuring up your image. In the midst of my thoughts, you light up a smoke and offer it to me. Everything ceases to be right, I palpitate. I am supposed to be lonely as the cloud. You make me forget the sound of fleeting music.  In the background, a portly man laughs. In a puff of drowsy numbness, I catch a glimpse of your sparkling eyes.  What are you, I wonder. How could you, Love was it, then ? Like a waterfall in a desert ? After that brief encounter, you vanished. I looked at you as a figment of imagination.  My body wore the tell-tale signs of time. I believe I saw the best of dark and bright, Or was it the crazy trick of reflection ? One fine evening,you landed at my doorstep. I was old and so were you. Beauty had Served its purpose. My nest was empty.  I had flowers at my feet,you were real.  Sometimes I ponder about you. I should  Have known. You were capable of hurting me.  You were the nightmare I was waiting fo