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I : I never see you. Yet I trust you. Who are You ? You (smiles,then looking straight into my eyes) : You really want to know ? Peep into your soul for once. You'll find me there, pining for you. 


It’s a different breeze when you are seventeen. There is only music, laughter and heartbeats to hear. He was just the same. Tall,dark and handsome. All that a giddy girl wanted. But he wanted only and only her. She was his “best friend”. Her kohl rimmed eyes enticed him. Her long,black hair seemed an abyss to him- where he could get lost forever. One rainy night, she came to him – crying. Her "love" had ditched her. He was gleefully happy but disguised his expressions. A friend was what she needed, he explained. She looked into his eyes, confidingly. He assured her –no words were exchanged- eloquence paid off. Six weeks passed. It rained again. She came again. With tears. The "old love" had apologized. She wanted to be back with him. Again. He was crestfallen. Yet he veiled his feelings. Once again. Only if she had noticed the innumerable broken pieces of his heart strewn all over !


It was easier to hate than love you. I chose to love you. It was easier to hold than set you free. I chose to free you. It was easier to pretend than be genuine. I was genuine. It was easier to forget than forgive you. I  forgave you….. And You and I turned "We". P.S. : An impulsive desire to create happy endings. I had initially ended it as a tragedy. But then this happened.   Wishing all my readers a Happy New Year ( Mahavishuva Sankranti ) !   


The pain Of tearing flesh.. Tethered to the cruel jaws Of destiny. Each bite ripping off a part, The body numbs.. Then disintegrates… Then lies unidentified. Somewhere far away A new life sprouts. The inanimate turns Into a bundle of joy. The same eyes.. The same lips… A new identity. P.S. : The concept of rebirth has somehow appealed to me. Your views and ideas are welcome.