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What would you do if you lose me someday ? Shoot a query I suppose ! Stop that IT non-sense of yours. And ? Make me happy  from a distance of five feet. Ah ! Challenging. Sounds tough ? No. Boring . And I thought you were interested in me ! I am. In you. Not … Shut up. I always do that. Stop  making fun all the time. Oh ! What  should I make now ? French toast. For breakfast ? For life.


Sometimes, just sometimes. I think of escaping. To a place very known. Familiar. Loving. Where I cannot get lost. No matter what. Sometimes, just sometimes. I think of escaping. To a place very known.


Pre-note : This post is NOT about the book or the movie. Sometimes we are not in the best of our moods. Sometimes problems bother us a little too much. Many a times simple things give us "that elusive joy". I decided to take a walk on a cold Saturday evening.  My first stop was the street-side tea vendor. Viola ! He was not in the best of his moods. He told one of his "regular customers", " I just incurred a loss of 400 bucks. To earn it, I have to struggle now."  A simple statement. Yet it struck me with profound intensity. To start from the scratch. To carry on with your job in spite of hardships. Not that he had a rocket-science job. But this incident reflects the basic attributes of any enterprising mind. I took my lesson and moved on. This time I walked till my legs could carry me no further.


Scared. Restless. Suspicious. She wasn’t this before. He knew that . Or didn’t he ? There was no cause for fear. She knew that. Yet she couldn’t help it. She had to panic. She felt like it was the right thing to do then. She regretted it  moments later. His memory went back to those good old days. She lived in her own world of poetry. Something that set her apart. He loved her. Rather he still loves her. And she ? No one knew. He could not ask. Nor could she tell.