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Each night, long after the moon shimmers, I see you with my eyes open. The stars seem to tell me that you are Watching me all the time. I toss and turn in bed Wondering what to say if ever I get to meet you. You have killed my slumber And aroused the lover in me. How do I punish you for that ? You torment me and I allow it. The sweet taste of the poison - Keeps me alive in anticipation, That one day you would plunge Into the depths of my heart. I shall trap you there forever And be avenged. My midnight dreams end with The first rays of morning sun. It swoons me into the sleep I’ve been deprieved of in the Dead of the night.


Its the same sea...the same sands...and the same skies. Years ago,you took my hand onto yours and we dreamt of the moon. We started together, enjoying the journey, heading to the ultimate destination of happiness. Joys and sorrows played hide-and-seek. But dear ! Today let us re-live that night of love.