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  We had innumerable chance meetings ever since I was born. And always you made an impression. Of being the best I had ever seen. Some seven years ago, when I first came to live with you, it was quite an incident. Moving ( or even uprooting ) myself from a well-settled hometown life, I wanted to take a chance. With you. I wanted to grow with you. You were older and wiser. I was young, nubile and na├»ve. Wisdom is certainly not expected of normal teenagers. And me – someone who had dreams, ambitions, expectations, aspirations – a tad bit higher. Our first few days – adjustments, awesomeness and sometimes, utter helplessness – it all sounds so hilarious today. Then we kind of a liked each other. You began to grow on me. I had made tiny impressions on you. I ran alongwith you. I thought I could beat you. You weren’t the ultimate ( you still aren’t the one ) but a de tour , maybe for a couple of years.     You had other plans. Certainly. After the initial euphoria, came the steep learning


She woke up. He was not in bed.The sheets were crumpled though.She could hear some noise from the kitchen. As she got into her slippers, she remembered the last night.They read the book together and then laughed about it.He was all she thought of since the last three years. He was natural, very unpretentious.The gift of her life. Giving a jolt to the thoughts, he greeted her loudly,  “Good Morning Mumma !”


No mourning or wails. No flowers or tears. No fancy coffin or pyre. No lovers or foes. No prayers to be said. No reverence please. I am just a corpse – Nothing to give or take, No stories to tell Or  tales to share. A  wish to mingle in the air. To reach I do not know where.   Just  forget me, As if I was never there.


Dear Baba, I am sorry. For being a brute. For not understanding your state of mind. For threatening you. For everything that I have done.  Now I understand you weren't wrong to see her. You weren't wrong when you got over Maa. You weren't the worst father ever. You were the best.  I have wronged you as well as her. I was so cruel, insensitive and stubborn.  I have a long road to redemption. Hope you might forgive me. Someday. I am sorry again. Yours , Emmy.