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Vishu recalled the last moments with ‘his’ Shweta. It was some three and a half years ago when he had received an offer to pursue his super-speciality course in one of the most prestigious medical schools of the world. He called Shweta immediately,who was holidaying with her parents then, to give her the news. He wanted to know how she would react. “Wonderful !”, Shweta exclaimed. “So you think it would be a good idea to go ? ”,he asked with apprehension.She said,in her signature nonchalant way,”Why, do you have a doubt about that ? ”“No,I mean staying miles away from home,what would I do if I don’t feel well there ? " To this Shweta had replied,”You are a poet Vishu. Solitude is your best friend. Keep writing ……..” The line snapped and there was no further communication between them. A few months later, while boarding his flight to US, Vishu felt that he had perhaps lost ‘his’ Shweta. A beep took Vishu out of his reverie. Vishu bought a life-size teddy for Anurati as


Vishu was back in India, after 3 long years in US.He was a qualified neurologist now, working for the top tier corporate hospital in the country. He was in his sister’s house for Tushin’s birthday. Tushin-his 3 year old niece.His sister stayed in the same city and this comforted Vishu a lot. But was Vishu afraid of being alone? No, perhaps he wanted to live a life bereft of Shweta. It would be very difficult, he knew. The party was on. All of a sudden, a little yellow fairy emerged. Yellow-Vishu’s favourite colour. Tushin introduced her little friend to Vishu, ” Uncle, she is Anurati. My best friend.” She smiled and said,” Hello ! ” Taking out her tiny hand, she asked, ”Friends?” Vishu shook hands with her and said,”Yes,friends”.Her cherubic smile strangely reminded him of Shweta. In fact, Anurati looked like the child version of ‘his’ Shweta.Vishu drove down into memory lanes. He had met her for the first time in a similar fashion. “There were flowers, But they weren’t ours. There was


Hemanth ,this is surprise for you on your blog anniversary.These were the sweet little gifts you gave me and here they are on my blog.Keep blogging. @all my readers, keep watching for the next post of TWO FRIENDS.


"Its not your eyes, But the caring look in them Its not your lips, But the beautiful smile on them Its not your appearance, But your graceful form Its not your charms, But your warm, soft expressions That enraptured my heart. Made me fall for you. And made myself yours- Forever . " -VISHU Vishu had never mustered enough courage to show it to Shweta,the love of his life.The one who ushered in him a new zeal to live-not merely exist. She was one woman on earth whom he wanted to be his.Forever. Today,Vishu was thinking of Shweta and only her.Her smile,her caring attitude-everything seemed to have cast a spell on him.Forever. to be continued...


"Death-you are so good a friend You drop in uninvited. Life-you are so good a companion, Its nice to walk with you. Death-you are so good a reliever, You redeem all from pain. Life-you are so loyal an ally, You make me feel worthy. Death - I appreciate you - You are impartial. Life - I love you- You make men out of mud. " These were Vishu's lines.Shweta read them over and over,many times a day,pondering ,on them or Vishu one couldn't say. To be continued...