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Every boy in your class ( in some cases, every boy in the college ) knows your name. Even though you are not "their types". If  you are a steal ( in the literal sense ) , you might have been requested for "being more than friends" multiple number of times. At times, the same guy requests you many times. Not his fault though. If the request in [2] is accepted, the girl always has the upper hand. When that lowers down, you can always break up. Requests are like buses ( cliched but true ... mostly ).   You cannot decide on a mass-bunk on your own. Support from the Martians is  ALWAYS needed.  Your assignments WILL be copied / photocopied / circulated throughout the class , especially on the night before the submission date. Even if you have copied it from someone else.      You can be loved or be hated ( rarely ) but certainly NOT ignored. Teachers won't suspect you at first for any foul play.  In mechanical workshops ( i.e. , if you have 1/2/3/4 guys in you


Kisi din meri kavitaayein Bhi tumhe rulaayengi, Tumhe yaad dilaayengi Tumne mujhmein kya khoya. Kya payaa woh tum jaano Par humein yun hi kho diya... Kisi din tum bhi mujhe Aasmaano mein dhoondte huye Bhatak jaoge hawaon mein. Kho kar bhi humein naa paoge, Kyunki hum toh honge Kisi aur vriksh ki chaaon mein.


It was not to be. But it has been . I wasn't supposed to like all this.   But I do . You weren't supposed to be that close. But you are . We were supposed to never meet. But we did.   Things were not meant to be clear. But they are .  We weren't meant to be. But we are .  Life wasn't supposed to be this generous. But it is . Love was supposed to die. But it didn't.   We meant to hate each other. But we couldn't .  Pic Courtesy : Google


Na sukh, na dukh, Na mitr, na shatru, Main keval chalaa karta hoon Jivann ki raah par. Na satya, na bhram, Na janm, na moksh, Main keval socha karta hoon Jivann ki abhilasha par. Na prem, na dwesh, Na asha, na niraasha, Main keval dekhaa karta hoon Jivann ki  vibhinn roopon ko.


Dear You, Writing to you calms me. I love you for that. I love you otherwise too. Maybe I'll never be able to tell you how much I love you. Everything is fine. Not the sort of fine when you were here but nevertheless.......fine.  As usual, Emmy's dentist  asked her to give up sugar candies. She's not going to give them up anyways. She asks for you. I guess she wants to consult you about it. My optician said that it was time I use glasses. Finally ! Remember how I used to rue the fact that I didn't have glasses. You always said it was good. To look into my eyes directly. Ah ! Those were the days.  I have not heard from you since long. Talk to me soon. Okay.... I'm inviting myself to your place. Emmy can stay with  my mom, for a change.  With love,  Me.  P.S. : I'm posting this from the same mailbox where we first met. By Jove, that street has awful traffic. People get killed.