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It did not matter when we disagreed…. It did not matter when we had differences….. It did not matter when we fought…. It did not matter when we lost the warmth….. It did not matter when our relationship became passive…. It did not matter when we met rarely…. It mattered when you left without a goodbye….


This post heralds the beginning of a new phase of my blogging career. I feel a new philosophy called Anwe-ism. It essentially encompasses of the lessons I've learnt from my life until now. Strongly inspired by Mayzism. Awaiting the moment when Anwe-ism will set foot on this blog.


In this tipsy little conglomeration, Behind the curtains of oppression, Minds in trepidation- Is my innocence trapped forever ? In the maddening crowd, Amongst the humdrum loud, Where virtue lies in a shroud- Is my laughter trapped forever ? Underneath this somber countenance, A hope that promises renaissance, Allures me into peaceful ambience- Is my soul trapped forever ?


It was dark, raining and I was waiting. We had never seen each other before. I thought that I can recognize her. I’m an optimistic person you know. Finally she came and I waved to her. That was my first real encounter with Ria . We knew each other through blogs. She’s the first blogger buddy whom I’ve met in real. We never chatted though and then began our chatter over coffee. As goes the adage, a lot can happen over coffee. I had my tiny lil’ sis with me (Yeah,we come in a package deal.) We talked about our lives,interests but not much about blogging. I never knew that she belongs to my state. We split in English,Oriya and Hindi. (I do not know any more languages). She was such a mixing young lady. ( I refer her as “young” coz she said I look 18…) . The three of us had a good time together,discovering so many things in common ( No,we don’t share the same guy… The only hitch was a howling kid who spoiled the ambience ( I had never seen a MBBS in a CCD outlet before ). Maybe