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Is it important to have a title every single time ?

Dear You

Dear You, I got your letter. And I hated it. Why do you have to finish it in just three words ? I feel those words even if you do not mention them every single time. Plus, people read postcards. They really do. I should tell you to eat well, dress warmly and come back real soon. You know how I am. No, I don't cry myself to sleep anymore. The garden has plenty of flowers this season. I pick them each morning. It is during the nights that I miss you the most. Just come back, soon enough. Yours, Me. Pic Courtesy : Google  

Fumes of Madness

F or she looked lovely and was the center of attraction. U nderneath his apron, he carried a bottle of  vitriol. M inutes ago she was laughing at a random joke. E ventually he splashed her face with heat. S he shrieked and felt her face dissolve. O thers were shocked and he ran away. F ifteen seconds of fury washed away her life. M aybe he was insane or even an admirer, A  creature of jealousy, lust or rage, D runk on the wine of entitlement and ego. N evertheless he could not change her. E ven without her looks, she won hearts. S urvived the catastrophe and had her way, S hocking the world with the powers she had. Pic Courtesy : Google