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Do not mourn as I do not die. I live on. A little bit, within you. Do not place flowers here, I do not need them. I love them unplucked. Do not shed tears. It makes me sad. Just smile when you think of me. If you are a loved one, go on. Life is too short to live. If you hate me, feel happy. But remember, I shall still haunt you.


Dear You, It’s been really long since I wrote to you. A long while since I intently noticed you. You still look so perfect. Makes me fall in love with you all over again. It seems you have not changed at all. Except for those random greys and a little wrinkle there. It’s a delight to watch you fall asleep. Calm. Quiet. Sound of your breath. Scent of jasmine floating in the air. The arms that are always open for me. The comfort of being with each other. As for me, I know I am beautiful. Even without eyes. You make me feel beautiful. Yours truly, Me.


Why does it rain after midnight when the days are impossibly hot? Why does my pack of cigarettes disappear when I need it the most? Why does he torment me the most when I want to forget him? Why does it hurt so much when I am trying to heal? Why is it so unruly when things are under control? Why this craving when I have no unfulfilled wishes? Why is it so hard to be good again? Damn! Why is it so tough to live again?


Right before my very eyes, A storm gathers every day. Hell breaks loose, vultures feast, Little birds get trapped. I do nothing but walk away. Courage eludes me, fear numbs me. I try to save my skin, Yet the aftermath haunts me, Nags me, reminds me of The blatant display of cowardice. Nests break, hopes shatter. Before they pick themselves up, A new storm gathers.