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We met, didn’t we ? So what if it was after ages. You looked almost like a thorough gentleman. That was least expected. Anyways, glad to see that you’ve changed for the good. Glasses look good on you..wait, you look good in glasses. As for me, you know…. I’m the same clumsy little girl…now no more little. Haha. Yeah. I still laugh in between conversations. And I still struggle while beating eggs. But do you realize the time that has flown by ? I freelance these days . Yes, as you often said “the free bird.” Home is pretty okay, same furniture, same furnishing, same books….Our mango tree died. Last winter. I cried a lot. Now I don’t miss it a lot. Got used to. Same way as I …….. Anyways, I can always write reams about my hardships and suffering. They should not make sense to you now. Do they ? I don’t know….. Meanwhile, let me tell you… Emmy is sweet. She resembles her. I wish she were here. With you. She was fun to be with. For the short time she met me, I thought you were lucky t


              As a 10 year old, I was the “angry young girl”. I could get very angry and the trail of destruction that followed….. my erstwhile classmates loathed me for it. Otherwise I was pretty awesome :grins: A decade later things are not quite the same. Yes, I do get angry at times but the pattern has changed. Very few people can make me angry. I have a set of unwritten rules which when violated drive me crazily angry. ( I can smile genuinely when a stranger or not-so-known person criticizes me for the wrong reasons. Apparently, when I think so). And they always happen to be my closest pals. It takes me a long time to build up anguish. At an optimal point, I burst out at the slightest of provocation from the same person. I might not shout, yet I know silence is the greatest killer. Usually it takes me long to cool down. Sometimes I hold grudges for a long time. I find it tough to let it go. The ones I fall out with rarely find their way back into my good books. I never regret the