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The Journey

We find after years of struggle that we do not take a trip; the trip takes us. -John Steinbeck It was a cool January dawn when we started on a journey to Shravanbengola. My parents and I are heritage freaks and were super-excited to visit 'quaint nooks ’ of Karnataka.  We boarded a Volvo along with 30 other people. After a couple of hours, I saw a barren granite hill. A tiny flight of stairs carved on it. People climbing upon it like ants. I thought to myself “What on earth ! Fools ! Why climb mountains !” Simultaneously, my mother thought, “This is the place. There must be some other road around to take us. Tourists don’t climb hills, devotees do.” My father was thinking to himself, “Will they be able to climb this ?” The bus came to a gradual halt. The tour guide announced “This is Vindhyagiri hill. Gomateshwar statue is located on the top. You have to climb 620 steps, see the statue and come back in an hour.” I was surprised. I never ever thought a sweet “off-beat” ide

Of Love and other stories

She : When will you stop sending me roses ? He : As long as I live. She : Why do you have to tell it everyday ? He : You ask me everyday. She : I give you a lot of trouble. He : You make me happy. She : You too, in ways you shall never know. He : I want to. She : To know ? He : Yes. How do I make you happy ? She : You make me feel loved and cared for. He : Come on, you are worth it. In fact, you deserve much more. She : Maybe I shall get some more. He : Really ? Even if I ... She : You might leave but you shall always love me.