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Of Love and other Ailments

"So you are still choosing ?" "What makes you think so ?" "Nothing. Just asking." "You're happy ?" "Yes. She's a great woman." "I'm sure. How's Eva ?" "She is good too. Has sent you a picture." "Oh ! This is beautiful ! She did it ?" "Yes. She loves the place you used to frequent." "Really ? Seems she's taking after me." "I'm afraid she is.  She has the same hold on me". "You won't ever forget it ?" "Maybe. Might not be."


Dear You, Do you know how it feels when something rips you apart ? The first second you realise that something hit you. The next five seconds your realise you are badly hurt. The next few hours are spent in agony. You cannot really cry. Tears form in your eyes - you need to hold them back. Till your vision blurs. A slight ache near the heart, or somewhere in between. Now, the head gives in. There is an excrutiating gash somewhere. You need not figure out where. You need to shout but you cannot. Or rather, should not. You need to pretend to be brave. The world will beat you to pulp once you let it know of your vulnerability. As the hours pass, you realise that you can live with this pain. And just walk along. Yours, Me.