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When I'm born,I'm jeered at.When I'm a child,I'm made to believe that my reason for existence is somebody else.While I'm growing up,I'm discouraged to question.My brain and heart are numbed.I cannot die too,since it will bring infamity to my family.People would say,"At this age,what could have forced her to terminate herself ? She failed to materialize her fantasy.Such bad morals." I fast for the well-being of my father and brothers.When I outgrow my frocks,I'm let off to another household.There, I work for others, without pay.I have children but they treat me like a door-mat.Here too,I fast for my husband's and childrens' long,peaceful life.When the man of the house,who happens to be my "husband" dies,I shed a part of my soul.I have no right to live then,I just breathe and sit in a corner.Rest of my life is spent in praying-for death.They say, "Woman needs a man.In childhood,its father.In youth,its husband and in old age,i


Ever pondered on relationship of two sisters ?They are the best of friends,philosophers and guides.They often seem poles apart,but they belong to the same "magnet".Adversity makes them think and act like one.Prosperity allows them to hold hands together even while fighting with each other. I have some experiences to substantiate the above lines.My sister is three years younger than me.When I took up engineering,the biggest problem that arose was I was complete novice to programming.After all,its not an easy task to master programming in 3 months.My little sis' showed her acumen then.She enticed me into C and I followed her.I can hear her voice even now-"Thats enough rest,you have 4 more codes to write."She became my teacher-an actual role reversal.When I was sad(usually I yell at the top of my voice),she said something which made me feel better.She has a large role in making me feel confident about myself. I also recollect the days when she was a primary schoole


How badly I miss my school days sometimes ! Life was so cheerful,not so 'chilled out' (as they say in college). One of our teachers once remarked(we were in 1oth then)-You are all princes and princesses,headed by your Principal (like "Rajyapal" means Governor,"Principal" means the 'head of princely blood').We were really pampered a lot at school.In colleges,its quite tough to establish a rapport with faculty members, taking into account the huge number of students.Its quite impersonal.My school,Montfort School,Dhenkanal(Orissa) is located in pristine surroundings.The hills,the trees I miss them all.On a whole,the ambience was perfect.Delightful. I was always on the move.If there was a quiz competition somewhere,I was surely going.All essay and elocution competions beckoned me.Even I took part in singing competition and often came home with prizes.Lovely life it was ! I did what I liked,I do so even now,but,you know...I haven't lost the spark of l


This award goes to: ABHISHEK SiM, POOJA, GAGAN, ANEESH, SAMEERA All of them deserve it well.They can display it,reward it to somebody they like and be happy.Keep blogging and strengthening this bond.Congrats to all of you. Ab thoda muh mitha ho jaaye-Indian style!!!!Its kesar burfi...a topping on the award...