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The rain-clouds are coming ! To wipe out the misery Of the profaned, disillusioned farmer And his poor family. To satiate the thirst of dry earth And usher in greenery And prosperity. To let the peacocks dance in joy And enthrall the onlookers with its performance. To tell the whole world that However hot the summer is, a shower is enough to kill all of it. But can it ever cool The flames of hatred and negativity Of human minds ? I’m waiting of a shower that will Wash away evil And sow the seeds of love and peace.


What do I do if I’m not with my books or laptop? Well, I sleep soundly. No matter how noisy the surroundings are, I always enjoy my slumber. This causes much embarrassment at times. Several incidents come to my mind but I vividly remember the funniest of them. It happened when I had my annual examinations of seventh standard. We had just moved into our new house .It was a busy period as my uncle’s wedding was a week away. My parents had to supervise almost everything . Mamma and Papa were too busy with the tit-bits of work- paying the workers, buying gifts ,etc (doing all that is to be done in a typical Indian wedding). Now I had assumed some responsibilities at home- I’m a big girl now, I chuckled to myself. I was deprieved of my sound sleep because I was dead tired at the end of the day. I had a language paper the next day. I bolted the room and started preparing for the examination on a hot summer afternoon. I was brought to reality when something poked me. I was sleeping on the bed


I never ever thought I would spend my Valentine’s Day amidst chaos and anarchy. I like her even now. ***** “C ’mon, I can’t buy the idea that you like working here. In this mofussil town,cut off from the life we love. This is not done.” It was my ever complaining wife’s voice. I knew there was no way to stop her. I said," They pay good money here and moreover, its home.” “Home ? Did you say home? I thought we had a home in that city. " “Please be quiet, Mom and Dad are in the next room.” “Well, they ought to know how happy we are - together.” “If you don’t want to be with me, you can always walk out. I’ll not stop you.” “How dare you say that ?” she came to me and grabbed me by the collars. I would have slapped her tightly, hadn’t she been a lady. I managed to loosen her grip but the damage had already been done. Both of us were furious and she suddenly decided to leave. Packed her bags." General class seat will do.”, she was talking on the phone. I was amazed by the fac


One day on the crossroads of life, He’ll walk in. Dazzle my eyes with the aura of his arrival, And rush into my being. Perhaps its happening now .. I’ll swoon in his sinewy arms And he’ll carry me into The land of our dreams. Of colourful tapestries and soft feelings. Perhaps its happening now.. He’ll place me on a plush corner And I would blush and be his muse. His hand would run through my hair And that would feel real great. Perhaps its happening now… I can see that I’m sleeping now Two men in white are bent over me. They say-“Struck by a speeding truck. Unidentified. Body no. 287.” Perhaps I’m dead now….