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Broken inside. Smile conceals pain. Expectations dash. Life gets stuck. Then comes hope. I get up,shrug off grief. Walk into the world. Carve a niche for myself. There is clamour for me. My tormentor pretends to repent. Who knows if its real ? I don’t care. Bask in my glory. But those crushed pieces….. Have I forgotten them ? No. They are still kept safely. Away from the world. Only for me. To get nostalgic… To recall those vivid memories…. Because long ago… I too had a heart…alive and kicking…..bubbling with emotions and feelings .


No matter how far you are… No matter how angry you are… No matter how hurt you are.. You never ever forget to Care for me. I never seem to notice you- I take you as granted. But… In the corner of my eyes You charm me.. With your brilliance and exuberance. My feelings for you are beyond words.. And I know it’s the same for you. No matter how old we are, We shall always be The best friends forever, Mom.


I n the fading lights of dusk, M ade in pure colours, A mazing human vision, G ushing life into listless spirits, I find you mesmerizing. N o! You are not real. A ll the same, you are beautiful. T ruth is far from you. I n the oasis of dreams O n eyes you rest and N urture fantasies of what will never be.


I’ll know its “You” when- You see my unshed tears.. You understand my silence… You make me smile anyhow… You read the pain in my eyes… You take me to the world of bliss… You hold my hand in adversity… And some odd day, Be lost in the cold mists !


Today its me in silk and gold, Tomorrow it’ll be in a shroud. Would you still love me ? Would you still keep me alive ? Would you still cherish my presence ? Would you still be all mine ? You cannot go back in time, But would you walk with me, forever ?