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T he salve of the dew- H ushing tones of a breeze- E nthralling the world- T he making of a fairy. A pure soul refurbished. L ove binds her spirit. E ngaged in draping silken dreams. O ne day there is a visitor F rom far-off shores. A magical tale begins. J ust as the two mingle into one, I mminent danger appears. N othing seems to be in place. X enophobics appear in ethereal lands. E bbing the visitor away from the fairy. D eath awaits the charmed guest. F orlorn, crestfallen is the angel. A waiting to meet her destiny. I llogical emotions get better of her. R egrets her deathless life. Y et the wait never ends for the jinxed fairy....


I had tears….. You kissed them away. I had wounds…. You healed them. I had debts…. You settled them. I had dreams….. You turned them real. I had wishes….. You fulfilled them. I had apprehensions…… You removed them. I had thoughts…. You put them in words. I had love…… You made it my life.