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Lost and Found

What do I do when I lose words ? I mourn their loss.Or even try to find them. But they elude me.My thoughts remain unsaid. I fill my mind with them. And one fine day,words come back. I speak, make myself  clear, not caring if  anyone listens.


Its humid in here. The air is heavy, or is it my heart ? I slip in and out of consciousness. I feel some frantic movement around. But it no longer bothers me. I see you - younger, smiling, happy. I try and smile. Vision eludes me and I drift to sleep. You are there - in a dandelion garden. You look at me. You say something. No sound reaches my ears. You smile and start running away. Pausing to look at me. Strength fails me. I cannot manage to move. Suddenly I realize I can run. I run towards you. Stretch my hand to you. Did you slow a bit ? I finally grasp you. It feels warm and strong. Like ages ago. I look at my fingers too. They seem to be young too. No more wrinkled,shaky and weak. I realize we are running really fast. I laugh loudly. You join me. We run together.