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Falling for you was tough. Unloving you is impossible . 


It was fate that I lost you. But was it really necessary to do away with your memories as well ?


I do not remember exactly when I thought I fell for you. Maybe a few summers ago. All in a flash of a second. You seemed so fresh and alluring. I was foolishly young – nubile. Liable to be trapped. And we met for a brief  while. I thought you are the answer to my prayers. My longings were for you. You chose to entice me – I never minded it. It gave me a tingling sensation, a hope that we were meant to be one. Silken dreams. Our encounters teased me. I wanted more of you. You managed to floor me sans any weapon. Gradually I realized I was not alone. Several others vied you, tried to woo you. I burnt with jealousy. You seemed to love everyone alike. You knew no one too closely. But you ignored none. Two summers passed. My tryst with you continued. Everyone around us thought we were together. Only we knew we weren’t. I decided to spend another summer with you. This was unexpected. Most of your admirers had left. They were tired. A new set of people came. The stage was set


She : What do you like the most about me ? He : The speed at which you slurp your icecream bowl, your anxiety while running errands, your nervousness when there is a lot to do  and most of all, this wide eyed look which you are giving me right now.


Tujhe dene ke liye Abb kuch nahin mere paas... Ek toota sa khaali dil Aur kisiki wafaa ki aas... Tujhe dene ke liye Abb kuch bhi nahin mere paas... Bas ek dukh ki pyaali Aur khaalipan ka ehsaas... Tujhe dene ke liye Abb kuch nahin mere paas... Bas teri aankhon mein Apne aap ki talaash.... P.S. : My first "poem" in Hindi Welcome 2011 !