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You may see her coy hands in the palanquin, A joy of a new life. The veil covers her face- Beneath it a cocktail of emotions. She leaves for her man’s home. The man who would fill her life With mirth, prosperity and children. The first few days are bliss. Both lost in the magical world of love. Then comes the pain of separation. She treasures that kiss on her forehead, Losing herself amidst his family. She pines for him each day, Reads his letters many times over. Her life is a patient wait now. He comes back again, she renews her pledge To be his forever. She is in ecstasy. He adds that completeness into her life. But rushes back before she could tell it to him. He risks it all this time. Her face is all that he can recall In those final moments. She shrieks,she breaks apart Just like those red glass bangles. Then one fine day, she hears about The gallantry of her man from “big” people. Her heart bleeds yet she stands still. She is someone called…… A war widow.


If you think death guarantees peace, you are grossly mistaken. A note : I have not seen death. I've seen people dying. I've seen honour-killing. I've seen suicides. I have seen people condemning the dead, innocent victims of fate. If you want peace, you have to work for it. To work,we need to be alive. And so was this realization.


You were a friend…. Maybe I thought so…. In happier times You smiled back to me. A year passed… Fortunes changed… You were in skies… Dancing with joy… And I …. Ha! On earth…. Struggling to take off…. I did eventually fly… Met you up again… You seemed like a stranger… Moments of pain came… I cried yet kept afloat… Maybe I cursed you. Today we travel together…. You give me a smile… I don’t return it… You don’t give up… Irony…….


Silence is a strange thing. We are silent when we have nothing to say and also when we know we are perfectly understood. P.S. : A bigg happy birthday wish to THE EMPRESS OF MANY HEARTS...... Wishing her a great life full of love,laughter and happiness.....