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Einstein-the magic man of 20th century.Micheal Faraday-the best discovery of Sir Humphrey Davy. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi-the epitome of peace. All these 3 men share a similarity-they were all misplaced in their initial professional careers.Einstein worked as a clerk in patent office at Berne while working on Brownian motion.Micheal Faraday was a book binder apprentice.M K Gandhi took up law as a profession before being drawn towards Indian freedom struggle. Similar incidents happen these days too.Choosing a career is a mere number game now. Get all statistics and choose the most lucrative one, your interest is of secondary importance.Engineering, medicine and management are latest buzzwords. The causes behind this wild rat race are not too far to seek.Number one enemy is lack of self-analysis.Young people often view quick money as end all and be all. Parents and peers add fuel to the fire.As a result,the country produces half-baked professionals. Surprisingly,even IITs are no exce


Many people all over the world use English language as their chief means of bussiness communication. In India, the IT boom has accelerated the pace of globalisation.Thus, it becomes essential for all of us to sharpen our 'English' skills.No!I don't mean reading serious literature (Shakespeare,Milton etc). We must master on listening,speaking,reading and writing English as a gateway to success in professional career. I have a few self-tested techniques of using one's 'English' prowess to get things done perfectly. #EAT,DRINK,SLEEP ENGLISH: Those who study in English medium schools are at a greater advantage only because they get a chance to interact in English in real life situations! So, one must try to use the language in real life set ups,and not in a 3 month crash course. #LISTEN TO NATIONAL NEWS AT LEAST ONCE A DAY: Here lies a myth,listening to BBC news is helpful,other channels won't do.Any English news telecasts are fine for our purpose(Ex:NDTV 2


I am quite happy that I got 1 reply for my "My first harvest".Today is Thursday,the day of Goddess Laxmi,who is highly revered in Orissa.It is believed that all ventures should embark on this day or "Bidyarambhe guru sreshtha",i.e,it is best to start learning a new skill on Thursday. I saw on the Gujjar agitation on television.India has been plagued by casteism even after six decades of independence.This is the curse of malapropists of Hinduism,so says history.Another facet of removal of this menance was Bhakti movement in 15th century all over India.Kabir,Mirabai and Nanak were a part of this movement.In Orissa,maybe,Balaram Dash had propounded this line of faith by composing "Laxmi Puran".The story goes on like this: Goddess Laxmi used to visit every household on wee hours of Thursday morning.The lady of the house was supposed to cleanse and purify the home and keep on praying the Goddess till daybreak.On one such occassion,the Goddess found each home di


Welcome to!!!We'll discuss all matters under earth through this blog. I would like to know your honest opinion regarding the blog. My mom and sis' are cracking jokes now and my dearest father is pretending to fall asleep.I also join the 'gang' whenever possible.There is a lot of hilarious laughter and joy around me. The eternal quest of human life is happiness.But our means are different,goal same....Sounding typical 'moral scienceish'! I would love to know your ideas of happiness.Please take sometime off and think,"What is happiness for me ?" and post a reply as soon as possible.Perhaps that's the reason I named my blog "My Life and Times". Now something that will surely make you laugh.I live in Orissa,India where English is taught as a second language right from primary levels.In the kindergarten (called popularly as KG), children are taught to answer questions like 'what is your name' and bla bla bl