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Its my fiftieth post and I’v decided to get myself interviewed. You heard it right, I actually asked Phoenix, a dear blogger friend to interview me. Well, before you giggle any more, I ask Phoenix to take over. Here she goes- Since its your big day, and we are celebrating your 50th post, my job is to bring out a lil’ more to Anwesa than what meets the eye. The job may seem easy but it is not, for one can decode the several layers to you once they get to talk to you on a personal level. What intrigued me about you is the quite intensity that you have, your lofty thoughts, simple and warm ways made you endearing to me. Maybe that's why I have come so close to you. Let me tell you how honored I feel that you have allowed me to grace your 50th post! Thanks pal! *hugs* 1- Anwesa after that lil’ intro this interview of sorts I hope I have successfully painted an image of you that most will agree.... don't you think so? So tell me about the kind of person you are and how are you diffe


There were so many things I wanted to tell you, But you went away before I could gather my courage. Years rolled by But you never answered my letters. I thought you had Forgotten me. The rains brought you back To my doorsteps. You were a homeless tramp, A lost man in the battle of life. Little did I know What you were upto. I smiled at my luck My dream was turning real. But you betrayed me again. You repaid me too well. Slit my throat when I was sleeping, Dreaming of you and me together. Now I write in my own blood The saga of cruel pain you gave me. Avenge I shall, But how can I hurt my own love ?


Tagged by Phoenix again. 1) what does your user name mean ? “Anwesa” means a will to discover. 2) elaborate on your user photo. It’s a gift I received from Hemanth ,my blogger friend. Thanks Hemanth ! 3) How many comments do you have ? Many…but on what ? 4) what is your current relationship status ? I think the whole world knows it by now- I’ll update you on further progress/change. 5) what exactly are you wearing now ? a beautiful 8 centimetre smile 6) what is your current problem ? well,many. but I don’t know how do I lessen my internet usage fees. Its getting expensive to stay online. 7) what do you love the most ? reading a good book 8) what makes you most happy ? when I learn something new and interesting 9) are you musically inclined ? of fact , I sing quite well. J 10) what would you do if you woke up one morning and found out you were on cocaine? Rush to a rehabilitation center 11) if you could go back and change something, what would it be ? well,I should have enjoy


This post is to boost the already high spirits of my greatest admirer on blogger. Harshita, this is for you. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It happened when I was in class X. On the verge of appearing the first public examination of my life. About 10 days left for the board exams.The mock test results weren’t out yet. The school principal took our History and Geography classes and didn’t have enough time to check our answer scripts. Scores of all other subjects had been intimated to us before. A fateful afternoon, my sister barged into the living room and almost shouted,”Good ! Keep on watching television. 78 in Geography.” She was back from school.(My sister and I were in the same school. She was a seventh grader then.) Mom came running and said ,”What!”My sister explained, in a tone full of sarcasm, ”Your darling elder daughter has scored 78 in Geography test. Here’s the report card.” She handed over the report card to my mo


You never said: But I know- You were glad enough to see my smiling face. You never said: But I know- You were deeply distressed to see me in tears. You never said: But I know- You were angry when a playmate hit me. You never said: But I know- You were proud of me when I won a prize. You never said: But I know- You consider me as one of the greatest gifts of your life. I never said: But you know it well- Dad, I love you more than life.


Well,it seems it is my turn to do tags now.Tagged by Abhishek Sim.A cool tag.Here it is- 1)What is your occupation? currently occupied by many things. Well,I’m a blogger. 2)What colour are your socks now? First tell me,where are my socks? 3)What are you listening to now? Mom’s telling a story . 4)What was the last thing you ate? Maybe someone’s head. seriously speaking,just had dinner.don’t ask me the menu. 5)Can you drive a stick shift? What’s that? 6)Last person you spoke to on phone? Dad 7)Do you like the person who sent you this? Of course, I do like him. 8)How old are you today? I feel like 25 today. 9)What is your favourite sport to watch on TV? Cricket 10)What are your favourite drinks? Milk, mom made coffee, a host of fresh fruit juices and how can I forget,hot chocolate. 11)Have you ever dyed your hair ? Never till now. 12)Favourite food? Anything that comes out of Mamma’s kitchen 13)Last movie watched? Vivah on TV 14)Favourite day of the year? My birthday of course. 15)How do


Reunions are always special,be it of persons or ideas.It’s a new beginning and reliving the pledges one took in the past. It’s a special time of the year and it was our school reunion today. The 2004 ICSE batch of Montfort’s.Well,it was the first reunion we ever had after graduating from the school.A gap of nearly five years. I traveled 80 kms by road to make it there.It was wonderful to re-live those school moments,cherished and entombed in the heart of every student. Those who couldn’t make it called up and we talked. It was more than a party-I was in my alma mater after 5 long years.Not much has changed except one thing. The saplings that we had planted have transformed into lush trees,standing in exuberance and style-seeming to tell us-See we’ve grown up,you are getting older. There was a friendly atmosphere and we all turned kids for sometime. So many of us used to quarrel over petty issues and over time,they were termed as “ego clashes”.But after so many years,there was none of i


Phoenix ,Hemanth and Aneesh tagged me with this. Its new year and I’m doing a tag for the first time on blog. Here it goes… RULE 1: People who are tagged must write their answers to the tag and change any question they like. RULE 2 : Tag 6 people and they cannot refuse to do this tag. They must write who tagged them and cannot tag that person again. Continue the game.And I hope it will be sheer fun. 1. 1.If your lover betrayed you,what would be your reaction ? True lovers never betray. A fake lover needs to be forgotten like a bad dream. 2. If you have one dream which could come true,it would be? All my dear ones smiling together by virtue of pure happiness and me being the cause of it. 3.I’v changed this question-Which one do you prefer-ice-cream or chocolate ? Ice-cream with chocolate sauce.. 4.What would you do with a billion dollars ? find ways to multiply it.. 5.Can you fall in love with your best friend ? I already love my best friend-my cute lil’ sis. 6.Who is more blessed-lovin