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Getting hurt is easy. Healing is tough. "That suits you,right ?" "No. To get hurt and then heal and try again and again .... That suits me." "I wonder how I fell for you." "I love the fact that you fell for me. And trust me, I don't hurt, I just heal."  


Dear  You, It has been long since we met. I lost those pink slippers you had gifted me . I could not find more of  them. Get me those when you come. Did I say I missed you ?  You were supposed to come over, right ?  Did you forget  ? Or changed your mind ? Or is it something else ? I got your flowers on time. Come over as soon as you can. Bring some warm clothes as well. I guess its on the upper shelf of your wardrobe. And please don’t make a mess if you can’t find it.  I shall be waiting for you. Maybe we’ll plan something. Yours, Me.


She always looked for inspiration.  Little did she know that she was his ONLY inspiration .....