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My countenance spells doom. That’s why I’m veiled. But the world thinks otherwise. Its not beauty that I conceal, I try to hide the jinx in me ....


Before you turn away Let me tell you… I smelt those flowers you brought Before putting them in the vase. I noticed the new look in your eyes Long before you knew. I saw the gift that you secretly bought To surprise me…Its not lost…Its with me. I heard you sigh when you thought You had lost me. I was apprehensive…about us… You and I seemed not so right together.. But I was wrong….You are the one. I wish I could speak…. Only to say “Yes, I do.”


The Life and Times of Hurman Baweja ( Bollywood "actor") as explored by two buddies - purely for entertainment. Invalid for legal references. me: not much 9:34 PM but i think he's an actor unlike hurman baweja :P hurman sucks :P Jogeshwar: Harman baweja is a joke just a joke me: i wached WYR Jogeshwar: but he is a nice person me: he sucks terribly 9:35 PM u kno him ??????? Jogeshwar: priyanka ate him up in the movie yes i do.. his cousin is my batchmate me: yeah,actually PC was good in parts really ? Jogeshwar: yes yes me: female cusin? Jogeshwar: No, male 9:36 PM me: :D Jogeshwar: his name is Rietesh Bhatia me: Fashion i liked it :) oh ! cool name :) Jogeshwar: yes i liked fashion too 9:37 PM me: page 3 was good but fashion was better Jogeshwar: yes i agree Harman's mausi's son me: oh oh ! VIT ? Jogeshwar: the whole family was there during our convo yes Including Harman 9:38 PM me: really ? jokin? :P Jogeshwar: till then, h


I pray lights go out again. I could see her luminous eyes in candle-light. My mind went blank and heart skipped a beat. Her visage seemed lovelier now. Nature was speechless to see her like this. She was talking nonchalantly all the time. I had decided- she was all mine. Thus began a magnificent tale……………