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I cannot let myself die, Only because you don’t like me. You are replacable. I cannot let myself die, Only because you hurt me. You can be tamed. I cannot let myself die, Only because I pledged to be with you. Promises can be broken. I cannot let myself die, Only because you forsake me. My world never ended with you. I cannot let myself die, Only because we can never be together. Many people consider me their life.


My mom is a wonderful cook. So we often have family get-togethers and not-so-formal parties. Once my uncle’s family was invited. They are a sweet couple with two naughty kids. Mom and aunt were in the kitchen- laughing and talking , as happy as two sisters-in-law could be. Meanwhile, the hot pan containing oil got imbalanced and in the process to prevent it from spilling, Mom almost deep-fried her fingers. Somehow all was set right in a moment or so, but the damage had already been done. I got mom’s first-aid done and almost rebuked her for being so careless. Mom dipped her fingers in an ice-pack and aunt took over the cooking. After a while, my cousin, aged about 6, came to mom and said, with tears in his eyes, ”Oh my God! How did burn your finger? This little one, isn’t?” These words made Mom think, ”My own children don’t feel for me like this, while this little boy, my nephew is crying for me.”The child added,”Now who will cook the chicken ?”Mom said,”Why?Your Mom will.”He said,”Aww


I was on my way, Driving at full speed, Eager to reach home, When I saw you And you took my breath away. You kept staring And I just flew past you. A loud horn blaring . I couldn’t help but think of you. As I reached home I wanted you to be with me. Emotions held their sway, Since you had taken my breath away. Next day I went in a foray, You had taken my breath away. When finally you came my way, It was like “hip-hip-hooray”!!! DEDICATION: MY DREAM CAR~LAMBHORGHINI


I know you no longer wish me each morning, Still my eyes search you when I wake up. I don’t know why.. I know you’ll never answer me, Still I keep on dialing your number. I don’t know why.. I know you can’t listen to my words, Still I talk to you for hours on end. I don’t know why.. I know you can never be with me again, Still I feel you are right here,sharing my hardships. I don’t know why… I know you are quite lonely there, But I’m helpless,your little baby needs her father. You know why..


I can’t help loving you, Your harsh tone doesn’t deter me. May be I’m not quite like the one you dreamt of, But nevertheless,I can’t help loving you. Sometimes you shower me with all affection and care, And sometimes its pure seething anger I receive. With reason of course. The look in your eyes speaks of immeasurable,fathomless love That you want to bestow on me Throughout my life and after. I dared to dream because you Reposed your faith in me. You made me feel special. Not only did you give me birth But also a life. Its all your doing Mom, Its your life that I’m living today.


Well,I was happy that almost all my readers liked my first poem.I would like to try more of it,but as they say,poetry is the overflow of powerful emotions.So,I guess I'll have to wait for yet another powerful emotion for my second poem.My semester exams are far from over,it will end most probably on 17th of this month.There's lot of fun and excitement coming ahead after the exams. I'll tell you about it in coming posts. I would like my readers to answer this poser- If you were given a chance to marry,how would your wedding be? (A) a high profile theme party(like gold-champagne party) with all the glitz and glamour of super-rich soceity (B) customary traditional way with a lot of Bollywood influence( a movie-like wedding)-according to religious practices-In India,there are various religions,I'm including all of them here. (C) A simple ceremony without much fanfare,no glamour or not-so-"big,fat" wedding. (D) A registered marraige in court of law I know ma