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Pre-note : I wrote this post under heavy influence of a Bollywood movie called "London-Paris-New York". I am not to be blamed if this post bores/kills/frustrates you. No one reads but I still write. Really? Don’t “really” me. You just won’t understand. What? That even though you try to act smart, you are, basically, a fool. Sorry? You should be!  You just don’t understand?  Why do I have to be so direct to you? Don’t you know how I feel? About? See! You know. But again, you act as if you don’t. I don’t act. I really don’t. I am tired. So am I. How did you know that I was a fool? A fool never misses noticing another one. Stupid! Just like you. As if I have a choice! A still from LPNY (Courtesy : Google)