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A Letter. Unsent.

Dear You, I would like to be the light of your life - the first thing you would see each morning. I'll be the balmy air, tickling you to laughter. The arms where you can loop in yours and be on the top of the world. The ears where you can pour all your sorrows. The eyes into which you can look into - deeply, for hours, without an end. The scent of your dreams. Your present and your future. I would like to hold your hand in ups and downs. Throughout. Cry with you. Sing for you. Always. Be yours till eternity. Just a "Yes" will do. Yours, Me.


I thought they were perfect. Strokes of happiness. Tales of love forever. But I was wrong…. They were half-done When the brush slipped. Never to be picked up again. My artist was gone… I never knew, where. I wish I weren’t An unfinished painting , A toy in the hands of a mortal….


That was her favourite spot. She was just beginning to grow. A blossom, waiting to unfurl. A flower sans fragrance. But nevertheless Beautiful, cheerful. Death cast its horrible hands ; Robbed her of life. A life that was yet to start.. She left behind A trail of tears, sorrow. And a mother mourning Over her only “special” child. P.S. : Influenced from a real life incident. Dedicated to the victims of congenital fatal diseases.


He : You know what ? You were my biggest childhood crush . She (smilingly) : Yes, I know. Infact I always knew. See you again tomorrow ! *After she goes away * He ( to himself ,silently) : You still are …..a lot more than infactuation. I wish you had known this too. She ( to herself , silently ) : I wish I were more than a crush….sigh !