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Bidding you a goodbye was never too tough, I shall always carry your memories with me.


Maybe someday I will miss you, For now I would like to bid you adieu. **** You were great in the memories of my past, There is no place for you in my present. **** When you left, I thought it was the end. Later I realised ,it was a new beginning. ****  Some memories are not just memories - They give us moments of sunshine amidst darkness. **** I wished I had understood - But then I would not have learnt. ****


I always wanted to walk on clear paths. But if I get lost with you in the alleys, I would love it. I always wanted to be the richest person. But if I am in rags with you by my side, I would love it. I always wanted to live a long life. But if I ever die in your arms, I would love it.


“Madam, Mr. Salil Verma died last night.” “Any major complications regarding any issue ?” “No Madam. Will you be there at the funeral ?” “No.” ******** “Mamma, Jeet is a nice guy.” “You need a lot of time to decide that. Not now.” “Mamma…..” “No more discussion. You are getting late. You are supposed to assist me in the multiple fibrosis case.” “Mamma…you know what ? You are making a mistake. I can take my decisions now. Just because you weren’t happy with your marriage……… “ “ You can slap me but cannot change my mind. Dr. Rekha Mistry – mark my words.” ******** “Rekha, I think we don’t need this.” “ Salil, are you out of your mind ?” “Rekha, it’s a girl.” “You did an amniocenetesis ? Do you realize what have you done ? ” “C’mon Rekha, its ours. I wanted to know. My parents wanted to know. And I don’t think they will be happy with a ……” ********************* “Baba, how is my child ?” “She survived. My girl is a fighter.” “Don’t cry Rekha. She is