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She sat there dazzled. By his grace, charm and presence. She knew he was not to be. It was his wedding after all. But still….her heart yearned for him. She devoured him with her eyes. No one seemed to notice. The world was busy. The bride came. The rituals began. Now he was somebody else’s man. In a corner of the wedding hall, she stood. Smitten. She went ahead, greeted the new couple. He shook hands with her. An electric spark ran through her body. She was gleefully happy. She had a touch of him now. She came back and after an hour or so, went back home. That night she dreamt of him. She knew it was him. Now the thirteen year old had to discover the face of her fantasy……


December 1991. A small township in India . A new departmental store had just opened. A little girl of about three years. Very mischievious. Pushes the stack of buckets and they tumble. Reason : She needs the biggest toy available in the store. She can’t find one, much to her disappointment. Her mother, naturally embarrassed, puts forth a condition. “You have to write A to Z as well as 1 to 10. Only then you’ll get this gun ”,she said, pointing towards a two-feet long, sturdy, toy-gun. Her eyes gleam,then shimmer and then she rushes home immediately. A quick glance at all the letters of the alphabet and then she sits down with a pencil. It was the first time she wrote all those twenty-six letters together. The girl’s father came home. She proudly displayed “the fruit of her labour”. No mistakes. Smiles followed. The next morning she finds the gun on her bed. Squeals with delight. Bliss. Today that little girl is in search of another gun.


Funny and whacky. Yet sweet. Read further and you’ll know...... Year 2002 : A kid called T. Age : about 3 years He sees his parents’ wedding album and remarks ,” Oh my my!!! This is my Papa. Who is he getting married to ?” His mother gets red in the face. He got upset that no one invited him for the wedding . @ Abhishek Sim : T is the Fa guy. Remember ? Sniff…and Fa. Year 1991 : Name : P A young man of about 25 years Marital status : Single (Not even engaged or seeing anyone) Was caught riding a scooter during curfew in the city. Returning from the grocery. Police constables stop him. make moves to get him arrested. Breaking curfew is a crime, isn’t it ? P makes the most miserable face ever and blurts out “ My wife has just delivered a baby. I need to cook for her. Let me go” ,pointing towards his shopping bag. The policeman lets him off. Grins. P.S. : P is happily married now with a wife and two kids. P.P.S : Those who haven't met my Princesses should go to the previous post.


MY COLLEGE Hello people!!!! It has been a real long time when I talked on my blog. Poetry, Anwe-ism and stuff kept it occupied. In the last 6 months or so,the comments on my blog too have dwindled. No worry, I’m not a regular attention seeking,comment-hungry blogger. But then I really need to work on my blog-promoting skills. Phew!! For those who are still reading, let me tell you people, I’m a college student. Most of my blog-mates think me of me as a “serious” kinda person. This post is meant for them- to enjoy,savour every bit of my “humour”,that is,if I’ve any. So let me tell you about the Princesses I know. They are 6 in number and are my classmates. Obviously, I’m the seventh one (feeling very self-important now). Lets meet them one by one. PRINCESS 1: *Miss Studious. *I had a cat-fight with her recently but then we patched up pretty soon. * unaware of current affairs but can solve any damn equation in a jiffy * rarely talks of anything else other than academics *She's th


A smile is the greatest gift you can give to your loved ones. A special thanks and the Hersheys' Kisses (above) to all my readers !!!! This is my 100th post. I kept it short and simple.