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The Unfinished Letter

Dear Love, Hope you have reached safely. Now that there is snowfall, you won't have to venture out for long. I have set the photograph atop the mantel. The fireplace looks deserted. As if it is missing someone. You know who that is. Emmy's cheeks turned pink today. Her cheeks look like those apples. For some reason, she doesn't smile anymore. Did you notice it while you were here ? I also see some random children walking about in the house. Emmy says they have always been here. I do not understand. Its you who has always been there, my love. I have this feeling that I am getting old. Did you notice any grey hair ? Or even worse- wrinkles ? Tell me if you have. We must be together. We are young, Emmy is a kid but she needs a sister. Or even a brother. You must come back soon. Or I shall go there with Emmy. Life has been kind to us but we can't take anything for granted. I hear someone calling me. Oh my God ! That looks like you. You're back ...


I found one of your pictures today. Pressed in one of my old wallets. Also a few pieces of paper, I guess stained with your lip colour. Had locked the stuff and kept it away. I'm changing houses, So I had to check all cupboards. Leaving them here. Forgotten. ________________________________________________ New house.To forget an old love. Found an old wallet with pieces of paper. Stained in lip colour. Brilliant red. Must be forgotten. Love is everywhere, ain't it ?

He and She

In an effort to understand what she meant by 'walking by the lake', he ambled along the promenade. He saw the birds flying across the horizon, the fishermen on their boats and the children playing nearby. Nothing out of the ordinary. What did all this mean to her ? He noticed her approaching. With a smile. As she reached him, she asked, " Shall we take a walk together ? I want to show you my favourite place on earth."