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Last summer I fell in love with you. Even though I never meant to. Those looks I would never forget. To me they mean the world. Hopes and dreams pale from sight, I yearn for you every passing moment. Memories of that insane banter underneath the starlit sky. Singing in those hoarse voices, scaring ourselves. I remember your eyes doing the talking Cutting across all barriers unknown. Promises we never made, pure reckless affection. A silent parting - sans promises, sans words. You are the perfect stranger.


Life is a gift. I am in Kolkata these days. Yes, the City of Joy.  It has been a long  hiatus from writing. Reasons are numerous ;  none of them seem valid to me. I am living  my own life. On my own terms. I am a whiff of wind – once here, at another instance, somewhere else. No rules, no diktats. I’m a free bird. Coming to Kolkata has been quite an experience. In a train, sweating most of the way, getting my way in the crowds at the station, breaking rules there, listening to people hurling abuses and not saying a word , getting the dreaded sprain again – in the same place, keeping a calm head, getting lost on the way to the guest house, living life king size, watching a government hospital function, noticing a cute medico ( LOLzzzz),queues for washroom, cafeteria and the like , riding a rick, sitting next to the auto driver, seeing real super- bitches emerge from their cocoons of goodness, waking up at 6 in the morning ( on a regular basis, mind you ! ) - You name it and I have


In a new city. New place. New people. New things to do.  Missing the old city. The known lanes. The loved ones. The memories.  Still.....a wish to go on. Newer cities, newer people, newer thoughts.  And the desire to go back from where it all started.   I shall go back to you, No matter how far you are, No matter how lost I am, No matter how tired we are.