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The darkness before sunrise is most dense.  She  pondered over the thought. Can this darkness get any denser ?  How  long  would be her wait ?  Most importantly, will there be a sunrise in her life ?  Sleep eluded her. Memories of the past haunted her.  She fought them bravely. Yet. There had to be an end. Not long ago, she had been a young girl. She thought the world was a beautiful place.  A handsome young man would take her as his wife. The mere thought gave her  titillations.  Little did she know that her fate has conspired against her dreams. She was simply sold off to an ugly dork by her father. She shuddered to think that she had been bartered several times, abused and shorn off her modesty.  With alarming frequency.  Nobody cared she carried a child. She was never sure who the father was. Nobody cared when she miscarried. She did not mourn it too. She felt numb, almost giving in this time. One night she escaped. She never knew she had a bit of courage left.  She got lost in an