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The first time I actually noticed you was right after the wedding. Tall, lanky and fair. I heard you were intelligent too. A dream match – I was told. But I found you…genuinely interesting.  Yes, you are the best guy I have ever seen.  Remember how lost I was in the kitchen ? I knew nothing except scrambling eggs. You were gracious enough to cook for me. Offered me a glass of milk every night I sat down to study. I guess I succumbed to your charms from then on. Everything seemed to be your smile – the curve of your lips – I wished I could throw all my books and  just trap your image in my eyes. But I couldn’t – Because you wanted me to be happy – and I was happy to study , even after I was a wife, a married girl. Being your wife made me the happiest  girl ever. I still remember the pride in your eyes when you saw me in the graduation robe. Of all the years we have spent together, this particular moment remains evergreen in my mind. Your calm demeanour getting ruffled by your  laught


“No ! Not in my terrace ! “ “ Yes Memsaahib . She’s there – three , too small , dark . “ “ Can you take them away ? “ “ The mother won’t allow anyone to come  near them . Besides I’m getting late. “ Audacity at her very best. “ Then  do something to prevent them from moving . I don’t want them in my house. “ Of all people on earth , why me ? Yeah ! Go ahead , try me. I  am terribly scared of cats . Phobia . And this  foolish mother cat had to start her crazy family on my terrace. On the top of it , Jatin was having fun at my expense. “ Are you sure you’re okay with my Delhi trip ? “ , he smirked. He would be away – I  have to handle the stray  cats alone. Bending over my dahlias , I replied “ Are you going to cancel the trip if I ask you to ? No !  you won’t . But you want to earn some brownie points. I can see through your plans Mr. Husband. “ “ In that case , no use trying, eh ? “ and he laughed like a zombie. After driving Jatin to the airport , I came back home. Had t


I have stayed in government accommodations ( read : government quarters ) for more than half of my life. And there are always Gulmohar trees around them. Come summer, their dazzling colours enamour, enchant and invite you. The other months of the year – they are just there. Deep green. Silent. Overlooking. At times majestic. .As a child I was fascinated by its buds. The sepals – beautiful green on the outside , glimmering magenta inside – very much like a woman. Calm demeanour on the exterior and a seething volcano inside. I used to put those utterly smooth things on my nails – like  claws. At times, I still do that. The bud opens….carrying  a bounty within it Waging battles with its pollen tubes fascinate me. At the peak of summers, these brightran oge flowers fall and the bloom is just everywhere ….. a  feast for the senses. The fruits disappoint me though. Green pods eventually turning dark . But I tend to ignore them. I love to walk on paths where these wonderful flowers fall


Being on time for college bus Waiting at the bus stop ( Bus time varies from 9:05 am to 9:25 am ) Teasing  A  at the bus-stop ( I'm gonna miss the time spent with her in campus too :( ) Reading newspaper/ lab records/ class notes frantically in the bus Waiting for 15 minutes at traffic signals while on the bus  Arriving at the campus 30 minutes before classes ( Yeah, go ahead and say I don't have a life :P ) Getting into the Central Library for issue/ re-issue/ return of books that I never read :D :P Whiling away time in the digital library ( I do not go there to research, I  go there for  AC environment ) :D Roaming through racks of books in the library/reference section Reading "Midnight's Children" , " Discovery of India" , etc when there is a test in the next hour Reaching the class sharp at 10 am Being the only one in class ( very often ) when the teacher enters Branded as "nerdy villain" due to the above [12] Seeming to pay a

I have loved flowers that fade - Robert Bridges

I have loved flowers that fade, Within whose magic tents Rich hues have marriage made With sweet unmemoried scents: A honeymoon delight, A joy of love at sight, That ages in an hour My song be like a flower ! I have loved airs that die Before their charm is writ Along a liquid sky Trembling to welcome it. Notes, that with pulse of fire Proclaim the spirit's desire, Then die, and are nowhere My song be like an air ! Die, song, die like a breath, And wither as a bloom ; Fear not a flowery death, Dread not an airy tomb ! Fly with delight, fly hence ! 'Twas thine love's tender sense To feast; now on thy bier Beauty shall shed a tear.