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    I realized I could not stay away from home ( read : Mom ) on a long-term basis.  So I came home after some sweet twist in my fairy-tale ( read : my life ). The only difference being I go to an office instead of college. I usually commute by three-wheelers ( read : autorickshaw aka auto). Its a 13 kilometre stretch from home to office and I change autos thrice. Before you calculate how long I travel, let me tell you - a maximum of 40 minutes ( Awesome by any standards :D :P ). My first stop is at a place 8 minutes away from my home. Auto No. 1. A two minute ride and a measly 3 bucks ( INR 3) is enough. Then comes crossing a large square. It can take upto 5 minutes to cross that damn road. Welcome to National Highway ! An added bonus, it is under expansion. So you get free pollution and dust as well. Auto No.2. It won't budge until there are 5 passengers. You might miss a meeting/appraisal/juicy gossip ( :P ), the "Auto Bhaina" does not care. A three kilometer st


I need a painter. *pause* *grin* Do not grin like that. I know what you are thinking. What was I thinking ? About  painting, Titanic 3D and you-know-what. Ah ! You are so perfect at reading my mind. You doubt it ? No, I’m proud of you. I’m lucky to have you. You don’t have me. I’m still thinking, remember ? Well, if you keep thinking all your life about me, it is fine by me. Shut up ! Is that your favourite word ? No. It is my way of expressing disgust. So what is your way of displaying a few other  better emotions ? What do you mean ? You know what I mean. Remember ? Shut up ! By the way, you said you needed a painter. I paint well. Really ? Really. Then come to my place tomorrow at 10 in the morning . Really ? Really. Sharp at 10. I’ll tell you what needs to be done. Seriously ?  You are that particular ? Yes. When it comes to painting my house, I’m very particular about colours. Gosh ! I thought it was something else. I knew what you thought of. Really ?


No matter what, never give up your dreams.  If  you can dream and not make dreams your master You dream , therefore you are. Dreaming makes life worthwhile. Live your dream.