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Yun tumse milkar aaj woh puraani baatein yaad aa gaye ,
Woh wafayein yaad gaye , woh deewane yaad aa gaye.
Shayad tumhe bissra diya thha, tumhare shabd yaad aa gaye, 
Miley jo thhe kisi mehfil mein kabhi, woh taraane yaad aa gaye.

Bhuley nahin jo hum kabhi, woh nazraane aaj yaad aa gaye,
Bataye nahin jo kissey kabhi, woh afsaane yaad aa gaye.
Dekhe thhe jo khwab kabhi, woh bulandiyaan yaad aa gaye,
Ki nahin kabhi shikayat jinse, woh anjaane yaad aa gaye.

Gul jo murjhaaye thhe kabhi, woh bahaarein yaad aa gaye,
Dil k kisi koney mein sajaaye huye armaan aaj yaad aa gaye.
Tumhari woh muskurahat , woh giley shikwe yaad aa gaye,
Yun tumse milkar aaj woh beetey zamaane yaad aa gaye.


Yaadein.. the best times..

Good one Anwesha.. Every time i come to ur blog, first thing i love is ur name ..;)

Suruchi said…
beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeautiful lines-my god, so much depth and it seems like each line is saying a little story in itself...

i really marvel people who can write sensible n impactful Hindi poetry!
this one i really liked:-)
baap re... gulzar saheb dekh lein to wo bhi kayal ho jaein aapki in panktiyon ko dekh ke...
hum to kayal hein hi
☆ Rià ღ said…
Loved it to the core...u r good!!
Fatima said…
Mesmerizing...too good!
tumhare alfaz mera dil le gayee...

Rocky Blair said…
Hi... R u indian?
Dats the first hindi post im seeing and its really awesome.
i love it. *beautiful*

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