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Never thought about You….Drunk in the wine of pleasure…I ignored You.You alwayssmiled…At me.I didn’t see it coming.A day when life abandoned me.My loved one fell silent.Then You took me inYour arms.Made me live again.The way I never knew.Filled with bliss.I could see your footstepsUnwashed, on the shores of time.Exactly on the path I traversed.I was gratified…Then bewildered…Then revered You…You did so much for me.Even though I never trusted You….They are so true when they say –Strange are the ways of the Lord !

Soliloquy of a Sonador.............

Just wanted to taste your lips,
Didn’t know when your soul kissed me.

Just wanted to listen to you,
Didn’t know when you became a habit.

Just wanted to let you free,
Didn’t know when you bound meunto you.

Just wanted to watch you play,
Didn’t know when I joined the game.

Just wanted to feel your touch,
Didn’t know when you healed my wounds.

Just wanted to get a life,
Didn’t know when youbecame my life……


Not quite long ago… Ifailed. To tell you that I like your smile. I regretted it every bit. Wondering if I had it in me…. To go andget my dreams.

Now I’m gleefully happy… About keeping mum then. Ilike you no more… You’ve changed.. Or is it me ? No, Its you.


(I seriously do not know how to wish you. A trillion thoughts came to my mind. None of them lasted for more than a second.)

When you ran into me, it was a bright sunny morning.

A few words quickly became a volume....of words.

The language known yet very rarely used.

Pages unfolded and you seemed to be an open book.

I still read the book. You add pages to it.

May the book never finish !

Wishing a truly special friend a very happy birthday !!!!

Be the way you are….forever….

........A CHANCE

You frowned at me,I gave smile a chance…Luck decided to abandon me,I gave labour a chance.Love chose to forsake me,I gave life a chance.All good things came back to me,I gave Death a chance....