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On the streets of the old bazaar, there sat a man  in rags. Every time I passed by , he smiled and looked away. Neither was he handsome nor was he wealthy. Still I thought about him. Why would anyone wait on streets for years together ?  I  had seen him there since I was a kid.
An autumn morning , I heard he passed away. On the street. No one heard his  dying words. No one offered him gangajal or tulsi. He died unmourned , un-noticed. The bazaar still smelt of spices and perfume.
Years later, I heard his story. From an antique woman. In his prime, the man was a successful merchant. He had a comfortable home and a lovely wife. One  morning, his wife was on her way to the temple on the hillock. A raging earthquake hit the city and razed the hillock to ground. The lovely wife was lost, never to be found. May be she had died , buried under the rubble.
The merchant  never lost hope. Gradually he began to live on the street, hoping that his lovely wife would return. Gradually, he lost his…


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He woke up with anightmare. She was fast asleep. He gazed at her – she had a tranquil look in sleep. He moved forward , remembered something and took her palm in his hands. Softly , so as not to awaken her, he tracedhis nameon her palm with his fingers. A cherubic smile spread across her face.That set him thinking. Why hadn’t he known it much before ?She had to be the one.
Nothingcould happen , he believed. He was already engaged. To someone else. She wasn’t the woman who could break a home. Then how on earthare they together ?He wondered.He fell in love with her. Unbelievably. When ? Was it when she stood on the sands and said “ I do not believe in soul mates ”? Or was it whenhe had spoken his mind to her ?  Told her that she deserved better people in her life. Or was it at that precise moment when they discovered that their mothers were best friends ever ? Or was it when they realized they had met before –in infancy ?
Maybe it was none of it. Or maybe it was all of i…


She  stood in front of him , without uttering a word.  He is here.  Her mind refused to register this simple fact. He cannot be here.  He was supposed to be gone . Forever. To another land. With another woman.

 He preferred silence. He could not bring himself to speak. He had dumped his fiancĂ©e. Given up his mercenary dreams. He  felt it  was necessary to stay back. With her . For her. Forever.
 Neither of them  said anything. They were reading each others’ minds. Trying to decipher silences.  Suddenly  the lights went out. A storm grew out of nowhere. She gave him way to come in. He  rushed in with urgency. She went to fetch a candle. He  hastily shut the windows to prevent the rains from lashing  into the house .
After  she came back , he said , " Did you have your dinner yet  ? "  She replied , concealing a smile, " Now that you are here , why don’t you join me in  ? "  He quietly followed her  into the kitchen , knowing that  things were  right – just  as  they …


Did you say you love me ?
I’m glad you did. But …. I always have questions. I have more questions  than love for you. Yes, I am skeptic. Of  love in general.
Will you love me if I do not love you back ?  Will you wish me well if I choose to walk out your life ?  Will you love me if I  treat you badly ?  I  have more faults than anyone else you  know. What  made you  “love” me was  the  good  side of me. I  have a bad side too. You might have a glimpse of it. Would you still love me ? 
I  am not  some princess or some  fairy. I  am very much ordinary. With my share of vices , faults and mistakes . 
If you still  love me, let me know. I would like  to meet you.  At  a time called now.