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    She  stood in front of him , without uttering a word.  He is here.  Her mind refused to register this simple fact. He cannot be here.  He was supposed to be gone . Forever. To another land. With another woman.

 He preferred silence. He could not bring himself to speak. He had dumped his fiancée. Given up his mercenary dreams. He  felt it  was necessary to stay back. With her . For her. Forever.

 Neither of them  said anything. They were reading each others’ minds. Trying to decipher silences.  Suddenly  the lights went out. A storm grew out of nowhere. She gave him way to come in. He  rushed in with urgency. She went to fetch a candle. He  hastily shut the windows to prevent the rains from lashing  into the house .

After  she came back , he said , " Did you have your dinner yet  ? "  She replied , concealing a smile, " Now that you are here , why don’t you join me in  ? "  He quietly followed her  into the kitchen , knowing that  things were  right – just  as  they were supposed to be.  


adreamygal said…
A simple story, powerfully retold. The emotions and silence are a perfect match balanced with words that directly makes the reader drown in the story .. A crisp and short story, wonderfully written :)
findin42 said…
My god! This has to be most powerful post. Few words, great effect! Brilliant. Simply brilliant
pri said…
hmmm...nice! But it leaves me wondering--is it so easy to accept someone who had left u for another? Wht confidence wud she have tht he wont do it again?
being with the only person you care about in the whole world, makes you do insane things.
you are right. Its better this way rather than being filled with regret asking,"What If...."
Anwesa said…
@ adreamygal,

Thanks dear !
Anwesa said…
@ findin42,

Thanks :) Glad to hear it from you.
Anwesa said…
@ pri,

I thought over your comment. I wrote a sequel after it.

Thanks a lot for asking me that question <3
Anwesa said…
@ redemption .... ,

Sometimes we must give insanity a chance. Watsay ?

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