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“First class ac. 4 tickets” .

“Waiting list.”

“Will get confirmed I guess ? "

“Oh sure ! This is the first time I get “waiting” in ac berths.”


“ Waiting. 17,18,19,20. No room. No seats.”

“Standing for 4 hours ! Okay, will manage.”

Four hours later…..

The family got ample space since most passengers left at this particular station.
“ Sir, I wrote “no room” on your tickets.”

“So ? "

“You show this tickets at your station. Say you have not travelled. They will refund you. 2000 in cash. My share 1000.I’ll take it outside the compartment.”

“ Ok. I get 2000. Give you 1000. Fine.”

“Yes !”

“ So I get 1000 bucks there. Wait ! Here are 4 tickets. Take them, get 2000 rupees from the Head Office there. Keep your share….Now I get my 1000. Here itself. "

“Surely you must be joking Sir ! "

“No, I am serious. Less trouble.”

Needless to say the transaction never happened. The TTE could never get a bribe. And the gentleman and his family roared with laughter at the last…


Even if you sacrifice yourself,
place yourself on a gold platter
and offer yourself for common good,
someone would always complain -
"The platter is not clean."
Your sacrifice goes waste.
So never sacrifice.
Because you are not born to die.


Remember our first date ? I walked to you in that lilac dress – with apprehension. You later told me that you fell for me then. I had noticed your jaw almost dropping  but never mentioned it to you.
In one of our later dates, I caught you staring at that anorexic female with garish make-up. I was a fool then (Yes, I am a lot wiser now ). I tried to lose weight, use make-up. All proved futile. The next time we met you almost laughed at the sight of me. Visibly thinner, under inches of God-knows-what powdered on cheeks. Creepily lined eyes. After a few seconds, I realized you were laughing at me. I tried going away, crying. You stopped me. By that time, my eyes were streaming with tears. You looked straight into them and said “You do not need a mask . You’re beautiful.” I stopped crying. You hugged me.
There were times you needed me. For telling how badly your Dad thinks of you. How you miss your Mom. I just listened. And yet you told me it comforted you. To be with me. And then one day,…