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“First class ac. 4 tickets” .

“Waiting list.”

“Will get confirmed I guess ? "

“Oh sure ! This is the first time I get “waiting” in ac berths.”


“ Waiting. 17,18,19,20. No room. No seats.”

“Standing for 4 hours ! Okay, will manage.”

Four hours later…..

The family got ample space since most passengers left at this particular station.
“ Sir, I wrote “no room” on your tickets.”

“So ? "

“You show this tickets at your station. Say you have not travelled. They will refund you. 2000 in cash. My share 1000.I’ll take it outside the compartment.”

“ Ok. I get 2000. Give you 1000. Fine.”

“Yes !”

“ So I get 1000 bucks there. Wait ! Here are 4 tickets. Take them, get 2000 rupees from the Head Office there. Keep your share….Now I get my 1000. Here itself. "

“Surely you must be joking Sir ! "

“No, I am serious. Less trouble.”

Needless to say the transaction never happened. The TTE could never get a bribe. And the gentleman and his family roared with laughter at the last line of the conversation.


Ria said…
:D :) Too good!!
haa, like everything else, corruption is also greener grass when done on the other side!
Anwesa said…

What I really wanted to communicate is that corruption at all levels need to DISCOURAGED. Under the garbs of humour,the gentleman in this post subtly indicated how to deal with corrupt officials/employees.

We need not preach, just apply a little sense in how we deal with corruption.
Anwesa said…
@All those who enjoyed this,
so much said through so few words
great post
Anwesa said…
Thanks :)

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