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Another bright day -
Challenging the spirit of man.
Roused from slumber of sloth,
Overpowering the base desires,
Seemingly naïve yet motivated mind,
Takes on enemy camp unexpectedly.
It is a sight to lo and behold !
Carving a niche for self in the wide world.


I reminisce the twilights
When you and I sat in composure,
Dwelling on the frivolities of life.
We charmed each other and
Proclaimed our love to the world.
Rapturous meetings continued-
There was an air of reckless affection.

We might have been alienated by circumstances
But dear !
My mind and spirit are still yours.
Think of me in the darkest hours,
I’ll be there for you-
Together we shall annihilate
All our foes.

We were always meant to be together
So what if fate did not bring us close forever ?
The beauty of “us” is eternal. P.S: Please do read the previous post- a 55f.


I know I hurt you, quarrel with you, fight with you, make you smile again; lose you as well as win you back.
My silence kills you, my whims irritate you.
Your indifference pokes me, carelessness angers me and your words pierce me.
We are still together because ............................................... we never cease loving each other.

Flowers picked : 75

I was collecting all flowers nature could offer me in this garden. I always counted them. Then came the seventy-fifth one. There was nothing so special about it .Except that I wanted to thank all those who had made my experience beautiful.

The flowers in my hand
Heralded an era of friendship,
A strong bond of trust.
Nostalgia grips me-
Kaleidoscope of memories
Set to glimmer my life.

I would like share with you an excerpt from a blogger friend who has added a new zeal to my blogging journey. I’ve already sent it to most of my friends but I’m impelled to post it here again.

P.S Anwesa this if or you
You have literally been a turning point in my life, So Here is an acrostic only for you

As the fragrance of the rose, she makes her presence felt
Natural she is, without a ounce of lie
World seems to slow down, when you read what she writes
Everything from her name to her writing, feels like a sweet melody
Smart, Subtle and Simply Superb you are,
An aura you create anwesa, to mesmerize, wh…


Sometimes I yearn for you,
Wish you could comfort me
When I’m down, caress me
When tired.

I look for you everywhere-
All I see is evil.
Hands to kill my innocence.
Eyes that cut deep into my soul.

I cry. Bitterly.
Hoping against hope I’ll
Discover you someday.
Place my head on your bosom
And weep out my sorrows.

I die a million deaths
In my quest for you.
Dreaming lazily about our
Enamouring encounters,
Amidst peace and plenty.
Bestowing each other with love-
Unheard and unseen ever.

The romance ends one day,
I lose you to the world.
Again its solitude for me.
I look for someone else like you
And the longing never ends.

I realize the elusive truth
In my last breath.

I should have looked within me.
You are within me.
In my imagination.
So pure, so dazzling that
The Maker dared not infuse
You in the real world.
He knew you would be
Tarnished, scathed by vice.

You are a dear part of my life,
Very much within me.
All of us are the enchanted
Musk deer. PIC COURTESY:Google


"What's in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet."
I strongly disagree.
“Anewsha”, "Anusuya”,"Aneysaa”, "Amrisha”(!!!!!) and “Amisha”(:P) are the names which I had to deal with. Its so damn disgusting. My parents took so much pain to name me and the greatest fools on earth couldn’t even roll their tongues to it. Damn irritating ! Once a teacher remarked-“Bahut hi thedha naam he aapka”(“Your name is too twisted”). To which I involuntarily replied, "Tedha he par mera he”(No, Kurkure hadn’t banked on this line then). Usually it’s the oldies who can’t pronounce my name.(No offence meant to the elders). I wish people call my name as it is actually. Else what is the purpose of having such a nice name ?
Year : 2007
Place : Some coaching centre, Bhubaneswar
Time : 2 PM
Batches of students were leaving the centre after a test. The elevator was full. The stairs were overcrowded. Miss X took the stairs. The test wasn’t ex…