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Sometimes I yearn for you,
Wish you could comfort me
When I’m down, caress me
When tired.

I look for you everywhere-
All I see is evil.
Hands to kill my innocence.
Eyes that cut deep into my soul.

I cry. Bitterly.
Hoping against hope I’ll
Discover you someday.
Place my head on your bosom
And weep out my sorrows.

I die a million deaths
In my quest for you.
Dreaming lazily about our
Enamouring encounters,
Amidst peace and plenty.
Bestowing each other with love-
Unheard and unseen ever.

The romance ends one day,
I lose you to the world.
Again its solitude for me.
I look for someone else like you
And the longing never ends.

I realize the elusive truth
In my last breath.

I should have looked within me.
You are within me.
In my imagination.
So pure, so dazzling that
The Maker dared not infuse
You in the real world.
He knew you would be
Tarnished, scathed by vice.

You are a dear part of my life,
Very much within me.
All of us are the enchanted
Musk deer.


john said…
this is elusively elucidating....
Arv said…
A Lovely ode...

take care mate... cheers..
Harshita said…
That's your signature style... and I love it so much...

:) Beautifully written...(Sorry, My english is not that good so I can use soem gr8 adjectives here) ;) ;)
touching. lovely clarity. one of the best poems i have read on blogosphere...

the last two lines left me in a thoughtful silence... how true.

i could associate with the lines.
Frankly speaking all adjectives are falling short i guess...

Its simply beautiful...

I loved the way you portrayed the incompleteness you feel, when you miss that person.

and later when said, that you realized that, he is within you..


You play with words very well..

Keep writing.


I havent seen you around... :-(
ANWESA said…
ANWESA said…
thanx a lot!!!

ANWESA said…
:)it was an impromptu poem...
ANWESA said…
@abhishek sim,
i'm glad u liked it...maybe we all ll realize it 1 de,i guess b4 its too late...
ANWESA said…
thanx!!!!luvd ur response...
ANWESA said…
i'm a kinda bg...dun mind it,i wont b away 4m ur blog 4 long...
Pesto Sauce said…
Thats what longing is....
яノςんム said…
this is ssooo soooo amazingly beautiful and sad :)

plzz accept an applaud :)
Sam said…
touchin and lovely words.
Gymnast said…
Hmm...You have come to the conclusion that the person you longed for is actually within you? Because he's too pure to actually walk the earth?
Cant say i agree with the sentiment of the poem. Sometimes the man of your dreams also exist in the outside world.
ANWESA said…
@pesto sauce,
is it ? i guess so....
ANWESA said…
thanx dear!!!!i guess its not sad,its only wen we hav 2 realize our innate being,i.e.,conscience
ANWESA said…
ANWESA said…
:) i respect ur views without mincing words.
the post was abt recognizin one's innate being,i.e.,conscience-wich guides u perfectly.all men n women r imperfect,but each conscience is perfect.i was talkin abt this innate being.the use of "he" is merely figurative.

i beliv u get persons who r close 2 ur dream-figures(wich is perfect).
but nobody on earth is perfect.
Diya said…
That was simply amazing. Maybe this is the first time I came across a poem with twist, great :P I did not think about this end when I started reading... beautiful :)
Cheers. :)
rabbit said…
//I die a million deaths...///
that was my fav para...

keep sharing the beauties.

tc n hugs
cool...kafi dino bad I understood any poem..simple yet beautiful :)
Ria said…
tht was so amazing...hw do u manage to write so well every time!!
ANWESA said…
thanx dear!!!
it was lovely hearing 4m u...
ANWESA said…

**keep sharing the beauties.
surely..if they keep comin 2 me..
ANWESA said…
thanx 4 reading!!!!!
ANWESA said…
lotsa thanx dearie!!!

**hw do u manage to write so well every time!!

dunno...really dunno...sumtyms i wonder if i cud rite sum of my lines...
Keshi said…
I love how u summed it up in the last verse. Quite touching and so darn neat!

Priya Joyce said…
amazing wud be the correct word :)
Amal Bose said…
beautifully written n soo touching
loved it :)
pria said…
Absolutely beautiful and touching lines..
ANWESA said…
thanx dear!!!
ANWESA said…
@lil' priya,
"thanx" wud b too less a word...
ANWESA said…
thanx 4 reading!!!!
ANWESA said…
Mayz said…
m totally outta words here...breathn heavy in d beauty of this piece
Chriz said…
if i could write poems like this, i would even kick william wordsworth with my left leg
ANWESA said…
:) thanx 4 reading!!!
ANWESA said…
thank god,u dun write such poems...
wordswoth,ur safe....
Hemanth Potluri said…
beautifully amazing...lot of times i feel words cant describe everything we feel but sis...u bring the words to life and express them in a awesome ....i just loved the simple way and awesome way u expressed everything...

muZer.. :-) said…
aaahhh,, heart warmin lines,, Anwesa.. beautifully penned.. :-)
ANWESA said…
thanx a lot 4 d ncouragement!!!
ANWESA said…
joiedevivre said…
this was somthing different
as beautiful and as enchanting as a poem can be....

its great every time i see you write anwesa, it literally takes my breath away,

i think my acrostic abt you matches to this perfectly aint it?

and where is the award i gave you, i cant find it on you blog, you better put it up fast OK ;)

take care and keep writing.......
ANWESA said…
thanx 4 reading!!!!!!!
ANWESA said…
@thousif raza m b,
thanx 4 reading!!!thanx a lot 4 d acrostic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

**and where is the award i gave you, i cant find it on you blog, you better put it up fast OK ;)

i guess i'll put it up at a suitable time..till then,u'll hav 2 wait...
AD said…
awwwwwwwwwwwwwww this had me day dreaming :)
ANWESA said…
thanx 4 reading dear!
Rocky said…
I know its a long time that I visited your blog but I should tell you this, everytime I visit your blog, I learn quite a number of new words.
You are awesome at playing with words describing emotions and complex feelings. I loved this post. Reminds me of someone I regret losing.

Hope you didn't have to go through the pain you wrote in here
ANWESA said…
ur presence is mor powerful dan ur absence.coz readers like u push me 2 write more.
i'm glad dat u liked d post.
no,(un)luckily i dint hav such kinda real-life experience.

this is really very well written and expressed . I just cant stop my self to read it in one breath..


ANWESA said…
thanx 4 reading!!
do keep visiting!!!
Surya said…
I took HE as the fact.... Here you are realizing the ideal... right?
Because people are, see, busy idealizing the real nowadays!

Pl define "fact" as fact, beyond the market terms of "existing, outer" and all....

Its nice that you are aware of HIM- unavailable around, that I would like to remind you why it happened so, that its not Dhwaparayuga, or Threthayuga...

Let him never objectify , because once objectified-then you will have to rectify.... hihihi... its not HIS manufactured defect, instead the impending and prevailing defect of all the products or objectified....

You dragged God inbetween, so I am also compelled to shout at god now that then why HE(god) went to the extremes to fill you inside this vessel while your MIRROR was not given any vessels to appear under the schemes of TIME?(you may say that its in me)Thats why you lost your face now, without that MIRROR- to confirm your eyes, forehead, hair, eyebrow, and -the centere position of the KUMKUM.....HE(god)knew not that you also will be tarnished?

Idiot god no?

At last you are happy with the incarnated musk deer! That also can be done no....

Let me ask you one qstn, you are convinced in that "within" discover? good, !!!! same way lights are spread everywhere, in and out, still you will be more pleased and contented once you can see it in the FORM of flames from a lamb no? You will be more pleased and contented once you can see the source of it no....? Why so? Madam, Objects can sense the objects, never an object can convincingly experience a subject.. subjective light wont quench the thirst of the outer eyes, but the light from a lamp or from a source, with its source will make the eyes happy and contented!

So let us pray, that let HIM come out from within.... I feel very bad on one issue that how you got the notions precisely about him?

See, I got disturbed from the bottom that you told about him...

I am no way interested about his objectifications and all, even though I told you all these...

But I am damn disturbed that you had the genuine photo of-"missing"-HIM... Yea, you know the fact, why I am much disturbed-that it was me-with these two hands-stabbed HIM to death! A cold blooded murder! At least he should had told me about his kid.... He would not have got a second to tell about... I had been quick with my super reflexes...

Not to you,
But to me!

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