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"What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet."
I strongly disagree.
“Anewsha”, "Anusuya”,"Aneysaa”, "Amrisha”(!!!!!) and “Amisha”(:P) are the names which I had to deal with. Its so damn disgusting. My parents took so much pain to name me and the greatest fools on earth couldn’t even roll their tongues to it. Damn irritating ! Once a teacher remarked-“Bahut hi thedha naam he aapka”(“Your name is too twisted”). To which I involuntarily replied, "Tedha he par mera he”(No, Kurkure hadn’t banked on this line then). Usually it’s the oldies who can’t pronounce my name.(No offence meant to the elders). I wish people call my name as it is actually. Else what is the purpose of having such a nice name ?
Year : 2007
Place : Some coaching centre, Bhubaneswar
Time : 2 PM
Batches of students were leaving the centre after a test. The elevator was full. The stairs were overcrowded. Miss X took the stairs. The test wasn’t excellent, she was hungry and the tiny finger on her feet was swollen (She had bumped against a table earlier that morning). It so happened that someone stepped on her tiny, injured finger. Our Miss X couldn’t take it anymore. Vegeanance ! She grabbed an arm and pinched it ruthlessly. She didn’t know if she had punished her tormentor but nevertheless, the revenge was done. At home, her folks( read: parents) were assured that Miss X had the power to stand against any kind of injustice/violence inflicted on her.
Now its upto you, my readers to guess who Miss X is……..


Arv said…
I dont like when they spell my name wrong :)

he hee... and LOL @ the pinch :)

take care mate... cheers...
Priya Joyce said…
Poor thing..whover got tat pinch ;)

aap hi hein miss X...Xtraordinary even with badla :P

well well...tera naam...more the no of names..more u feel new ;)
Mayz said…
ROFL @ the pinch...hahahahaha!!!

i understand dat own grandmom cant pronounce my name rite so instead she jus prefers to call me the beast of burden :(

n my surname...i think half of d ppl in my family cant pronounce it so y blame anyone outside
rabbit said…
ppl deliberately call me VIKRAM BETAAL... but i like it. thodi masti ho jaati hai yaar.

baaki yeh X kaun hai... tu to ho nai sakti ;D

Tairebabs said…
I really hate it when people spell my name wrongly or tell me it is too difficult to pronounce. It is really annoying. I try as much as possible to correct them but it pisses me off sometimes.
Chriz said…
i am mr.x
and i still dun know who miss.x is!!!
ANWESA said…
*I dont like when they spell my name wrong
i'v got company,yay!!!!
thanx 4 reading!!!
ANWESA said…
@lil' priya,
*Poor thing..whover got tat pinch ;)
yeah,i feel sorry 4 him now...bechara,if he was not guilty.

yeah,ur rite...i'm indeed miss x

*well well...tera naam...more the no of names..more u feel new ;)
dats tru wen de giv u new names..
naam ko tod marod k nahin kehte...
ANWESA said…
u guessed it rite!!!!
ANWESA said…
*n my surname...i think half of d ppl in my family cant pronounce it so y blame anyone outside
ANWESA said…
*ppl deliberately call me VIKRAM BETAAL
may i ask y?

well well....y cant i b miss X ?
Phoenix said…
god this name thingy is such an issue!!! i always had people calling me rEkha.. and what not moreover i had people telling me Chacha chowdhury RAka?DAMN THEM! I HATE IT!

miss X is u?:P isnt it?
ANWESA said…
i think ur name a bit too complicated. thank god,i got it rite!!!
ANWESA said…
u'll know her soon enuf,dun worry...
ANWESA said…
spl names suffer :)

yes,ur rite....i'm miss X...
яノςんム said…
lolz i am wondering wat if the one u pinched was ur prof :D and he saw u :D

oh and i too feel so very irritated when ppl cant pronounce my name.. some call reecha, some call richcha..
and i bet 99% ppl dun know how to write my name in hindi!!
ANWESA said…
no was a student n a guy.
thats wat happens with exotic names-misconstrued. sumtyms i feel all sita,mita,gita,ram,hari,bublo,chintoo,monu r luky!!!!no confusion @ all....
rabbit said…
don't u remember that serial on door darshan. Pulling my leg yaar..that's y.

are u are too cute to pinch someone ;D

yamini meduri said…
Miss X our sweet girl Anwesa which i dont feel any new...i am used to the name...!!!
Dhanya said…
Lol... I can so feel your pain! Only Malayalees tend to pronounce my name correctly... :P
Diya said…
Baap re! Ladki hai ya he-woman? ;)
That was great vengeance:P
Smita said…
lol, The Great Indian Pinch Revenge ;-)

I have been called, Samita, Sushmita, Shweat, Suchismita :D
Hemanth Potluri said…
it happen once whensome one said my name as hemnath ; was bit odd kinda of spelling :P

hope the pinch was not soo hard sis :P...heheh...i am poor in guessing who is miss X :P....

ANWESA said…
hmm..i remember d serial :)

*are u are too cute to pinch someone ;D
i really dunno :) *blushes*
ANWESA said…
:) lol :)
ANWESA said…
same pinch!! did dat hurt?
ANWESA said…
he-woman :)
ANWESA said…
they dun evn get smita correctly :(
ANWESA said…
hem-nath!!!!!! atrocious!!!!

no,d pinch was too hard...after all,it was revenge..nobody complained tho :)
lolz.. n yess i had guessed miss X rite... :)

howz the little finger?
No one spelled my name correct ever I can understand ur pain... :P

and btw miss x is very vengeful.......
Ria said…
What a firebrand miss X! :P And yes i hav been thru wht u hav said abt. People always manage to mispronounce/ mispell my name and i hate it!!
ANWESA said…
@abhishek sim,
:) d lil' finger is very much alive n kickin!!
ANWESA said…
i guess i got lotsa ppl on d same boat...
yes,miss x is very very vengeful...
ANWESA said…
miss X -she is ......i dun hav words 4 her...

sad 2 kno dat ppl cant call 3 letter names...btw ur name s quite classy :)
Cinderella. said…
Oh dear, this so happens to me !

I have sucha wonderful name, but there are only 2 ppl on this earth who can pronounce it properly - my boss n my dad.

The rest, including my would-be, screw it beyond comprehension. Shucks !

And hey, Lmao @ Miss X !!!
ANWESA said…
i'v got lotsa company!!!yay!!
*I have sucha wonderful name, but there are only 2 ppl on this earth who can pronounce it properly - my boss n my dad.

The rest, including my would-be, screw it beyond comprehension. Shucks !

lol...funny man!!!how can he(ur wud-b)!!!!
its a beautiful and very unique name anwesa, damn the teacher :P, it so happens to me also, people even write my name differently,

and isnt the name bhuwaneshwar?????

though i think Miss X was a lil harder on the person

but who cares, you rock

take care and keep writing.....
ANWESA said…
@thousif raza m b,
yes,ur name is unique in its spelling.

its bhubaneswar.

**though i think Miss X was a lil harder on the person

Everyone whose name is quite unique or unusual, they can mostly relate with this post really well :-)

Good post on one such topics..

ANWESA said…
**Everyone whose name is quite unique or unusual, they can mostly relate with this post really well :-)

yeah,i guess so...
Anonymous said…
poor pinch getter :P !! ut its really irritating to have ur name pronounced wrong !!
ANWESA said…
@pretty me!!,
yeah,poor pinch getter...

nice 2 c u read this post :)
Tulika said…
Yes ...

It's so irritating to be faced by mispronunciation of one's identity.

And lolzz for the second part.
All hail Miss X !!!
ANWESA said…
thanks for coming so far....m glad u liked the post :)

lotsa love :)
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