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Remember our first date ? I walked to you in that lilac dress – with apprehension. You later told me that you fell for me then. I had noticed your jaw almost dropping  but never mentioned it to you.

In one of our later dates, I caught you staring at that anorexic female with garish make-up. I was a fool then (Yes, I am a lot wiser now ). I tried to lose weight, use make-up. All proved futile. The next time we met you almost laughed at the sight of me. Visibly thinner, under inches of God-knows-what powdered on cheeks. Creepily lined eyes. After a few seconds, I realized you were laughing at me. I tried going away, crying. You stopped me. By that time, my eyes were streaming with tears. You looked straight into them and said “You do not need a mask . You’re beautiful.” I stopped crying. You hugged me.

There were times you needed me. For telling how badly your Dad thinks of you. How you miss your Mom. I just listened. And yet you told me it comforted you. To be with me. And then one day, out of the blue, you proposed me. With a ring. “Will you wear this ?” I walked away only to come back running, to you, knocking you down.

Remember the evening you took me to your place ? I met Philander. I wondered about you. How soft you were beneath that sinewy body ! Which guy on earth takes  a three legged tom-cat as a pet ? And I was in bliss. Under the spell of your charm.

It was almost then when we decided to tie the knot. And we did. I so loved those times. Listening to you on those quiet nights, my name echoing in your peaceful breaths. At five in the morning , I would spring from bed ,giving you a jolt. Those little moments of intimacy . ( Remember how playful you were ? )

Remember how excited we were while expecting Rachael ? And that ill-fated walk ? Out of nowhere, a car rammed and killed all our dreams. We were still mourning when the doctor gave us the most dreadful news. I was shattered. I told you “ You deserve happiness. Leave me.” You came near , kissed my forehead and went away. I cried. A lot. And lost senses soon after. When I finally woke up, I saw you. With our bundle of joy. While feeding me a bowl of soup that day, you told me “I deserve happiness. And my happiness lies in you.” I smiled feebly.

( Our Rachael is growing up. You are a magnificent father.)

I was never perfect.
You made me feel so.

They say only the most lucky get their love.
 I never knew I was this lucky.


Neeha said…
You bring something different each time..kudos!!
not a better way to pen down emotions...
keep it up.. you are fantabulous...
thanks for writing
Ria said…
Lovely....this is so beautifully written.
Scribbling Girl said…
So beautiful....girl u have this magic in ur words i can never describe....Amazing :)
IcE MaiDeN said…
Finally a post from you that shows your true potential.... Absolutely spell bounding :) Made me think... :)

... Remember our first date? You took your girl-clown to the seaface and sat there quietly looking at me... You were always silent with the others, but with me you spoke... You showed me the summer triangle in those sparkling heavens... With a childlike excitement, I looked up and asked you if you had ever seen something so beautiful. You didn't answer. I turned to look at you... and there you were smiling at me.. You said you were looking at something more beautiful... No one had truly made me feel beautiful... before that day.

~Annie :)
Prateek Sur said…
this is awesome..i fell in love with ur love story..
try checking out my blog nd commenting on the following u so i hope some day u'll return my favour!!
Shiro said…
so romantic, I love reading this article. amazing
Tulika said…
Loved it.Loved it. Simply loved it ..!!

Amazing Anwesa di.This is fabulous.

Hats offff !!!
Priya said…
Truely Amazing. You r d best.

U make me feel each word,each sentence...
I lov u gal... I love ur posts.
whoa- happiness.. lots of happy stories these days :D
ANWESA said…
Thanks a lot !
WOW what do i say to that now .. i dont know what words will show that that post was awesome

GOD BLESS and yeah soulmates indeed ...

you take care

Bikram's Question time
ANWESA said…
Thanks dear !
ANWESA said…
@Scribbling Girl,
Thanks a lot !
ANWESA said…
If this post made you think like this,its all worth blogging. Love you :)
ANWESA said…
Thanks !
ANWESA said…
Thanks a lot !
ANWESA said…
Thank you for such a sweet reply !
ANWESA said…
Really ? Maybe happiness is in air ;)
ANWESA said…
Thanks !
ANWESA said…
Thanks !
Phoenix said…
breathtaking!!! i loved this one!!! way beyond any words can express!!
ANWESA said…
Thanks dear ! I knew you would love it.
This is awesome
but i got slightly confused by the ending.
ANWESA said…
Thanks for the reply ! Why did you get confused ? The storyline ?
...Arshdeep said…
Hey... got the link to your blog from your signature in PG :)
Nice post.. Will read more after I'm done with my exams..

Keep up the good work :)
Anwesa said…
@Arshdeep aka Madame G,
Aap aaye...Dil garden garden ho gaya :)

Great to see you here :)
Anwesa said…
@rahul ji,

y :( ?
rocky said…
Brings tears to my eyes whenever I read your stuff about relations :-) Perfectly written. You depict the elements needed for a relation in a very simple way :) Like it :)
Anwesa said…
Thanks a lot ! When it comes to relationships, I'm really from the old school.

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