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The Mother knows

When does a mother feel proud about her child ? 
Is it when the baby walks for the first time ? 
Or is it when the child calls the mother for the very first time ? 
No, it must be when the child runs wildly with glee. 

Ever watched a mother caress a baby ? No blemish or mask.
A pure emotion that awaits a definition. The very next moment, 
The baby leaps out of the mother's reach. Who can contain the 
breeze of  childhood and innocence ? The mother watches. 

At every birthday, a cake is baked. The guests change, children too.
When does a mother feel proud about her child ? Is it when 
The child attains adulthood ? Or when the first earning is put in 
The mother's hands ? I do not know, but the mother knows. 

It is every time the child smiles, every time the child speaks,
Every step the child takes, every hurdle the child crosses. 
Every time the child runs to her for a missing button, some 
Advice or even a hug. The mother always knows.


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Concealed by dark clouds
You keep shining.
Bright streaks of light
Dazzle me.
Enchant me.
And keep me waiting..
Waiting for you.

Amidst Soul-lessness

There is smoke somewhere. 
I cannot seem to figure out where. 
The lights are here, the music is here.
Has it been home here ?
Perhaps. Maybe when it did not rain.
Or maybe when it rained and it did not matter.
Maybe when I walked alone, smiling to myself. 
Or maybe when I realized I was okay.
Had it been always like this ?

Not really. 
Things clicked, took effort and blood. 
Did I do it ? Or the beasts did ? Maybe we both together,
Played this game. 
Amidst soulful solitude, it was love. 
Maybe appreciation.
Another journey, another dry spell. 
Will it ever be home again ? 

P.S. : Penned at Candies, Bandra on 11th January 2017 


The eyes searched someone. The one she could run to at times of need. In someone’s lap, she would pour out all her troubles.
Nobody came.  She grew up, rimmed her eyes with kohl. But they could never hide her tears.
No one came when her soul was ripped apart. No one heard her cries. No one mourned her loss.
After  a while, she thought that tears were a part of the eyes.