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Birthdays, Festivals and Parties

No longer do I look forward
To wearing my new birthday dress.
Impeccably wrapped gifts no longer
excite me.
I do not cut cakes with numeric
candles glowing on it.
I ignore most messages, pings and tweets,
That remind me of
my birthday.

With each passing festival
I see new trends in the market.
Playing with colors or fire
is not "my thing" now.
I wish no one comes home
with a box of sweets in hand.
I wish not to be wished at all.

I loathe parties thrown by friends,
Their birthdays and their weddings.
Their house-warming and their
baby-showers and their successes.
Sipping a drink in hand and
Reminiscing about chances I had
but did not take.
Wondering about how lost I am.

Where did I lose it ?
At fifteen - when I was blissfully
unaware ?
Or at seventeen ? When I did not
know how to do it.
Or at twenty one ? When I failed to
realize what exactly to do.
Sadly I stopped counting after that.


Enchantress said…
I believe one should never stop celebrating..
Sameera said…
I agree with you. The excitement for birthday diminishes after a certain phase. No more craziness for lovely days, and counting the days months before the birthday.

May be it;s just the part of growing up :)

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Concealed by dark clouds
You keep shining.
Bright streaks of light
Dazzle me.
Enchant me.
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Amidst Soul-lessness

There is smoke somewhere. 
I cannot seem to figure out where. 
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P.S. : Penned at Candies, Bandra on 11th January 2017 


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