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Eight minutes.
I deserved eight minutes of his time.
A two day train journey and two hours of bumpy ride.
All this just to tell him “Hi! I still do”.
He was polite. Of the three hours I spent at his lobby, the girl offered me coffee thrice.
He said he was tired. He thinks differently. Our lives are different.
Children grow up. They will anyway.
He did not say but I guess broken hearts mend too. 

P.S. : This post was conceived and typed in 8 minutes.
Hence the title. No relation with "Eleven Minutes" by Paulo Coelho. 


sawan said…
thats emotions described short and stable! :) good one Anw!
Anwesa said…
Thanks Anil ! Glad to see you around.
Rià said…
Short and yet so deep...well done dearie!
Karan said…
Crisp and within the timelimit :)
Very well put...

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