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Coming back to writing

They say old habits die hard. I guess it should be "Bad habits die hard".
I painstakingly wrote this blog in my early days, made a lot of new friends, revived old friendships, established a brand of writing , won accolades from fellow bloggers and one fine day .... suddenly there is nothing. No writing, no visitors and no inspiration to write.
A lot to crib about,right ?
But this ain't gonna happen anymore. Robin Sharma da promise ! I shall shamelessly write, share the links wherever I can and bask in glory once again. The attention seeker is back ! With a bang. Now that the sleeping lion has awoken, there are some promises to make.

This space will be updated everyday from now on. No matter how dead tired I am (of doing nothing worthwhile).

Chalo,promise liya hai toh nibhaana padega ( Every promise deserves fulfillment ). #Muft-ka-gyaan

Mondays are tough ; eye candy helps.

I made this collage on Picasa last week. I guess there isn't anything more soothing to my eyes than this assortment. So I am going to go on why I chose these eight men (I wrote my last post with the number eight connection ... and now these eight men ! Huh ! For the novice, eight is the number of Saturn/Shani Maharaj).
In case you are wondering why I sound so superstitious, let me remind you - I just shrugged off my  bad habits, their effects still remain - potent and lethal.

Yeah,coming back to my men .. err, you know the men in the picture.

#Hrithik Roshan - Greek god. I thank you for Guzaarish. I absolutely loved the movie. And perhaps you in it.

#Abhay Deol - Socha Na Tha. I never thought it would make an impact on me. I loved you for doing that movie.

#Milind Soman - You stole the heart of a six year old with your looks in the album "Made in India". I guess you are Adonis in human form.

#Kunal Kapoor - The noodles-like hair, the unshaven face, the intensity of the eyes. I first noticed you in Meenaxi and the rest is chemistry ( Look at that, I have invented a phrase in you pyaar. See ! Love does awesome things to you #muft-ka-gyaan).

#Leonardo Di Caprio - Jack. You were made for Titanic. Did you know that ? Even after a decade and a half, I remember you as Jack.

#Arjun Bajwa - Guru. Clean shaven, sauve, sophisticated. Aur kya chahiye ? Fashion. The quintessential nice guy.

#Gerard Butler - I don't like the sound of your surname. But, how can I forget P.S. I love you ? Enough said I guess.

#Siddharth Narayan - The intense, brooding RDB guy. That's enough to get hooked to you.

~The Abrupt End


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