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I once wished my room had a window.
I could watch the world pass by.
Like bougainvillea flowers merrily drifting in the winds.
Fragrance of love wafting in the air.
The street lamps glowing yellow.
Hawkers selling their goods.
The new mall flinging its neon lights unto the streets.
The crazy young crowds.
Random children chuckling as they walk.
Bike competitions.
The busy bees.
The old, abandoned and helpless.
The madman calling names.
The rains.
Gods visiting homes while playing with colours.
The police patrols.
The riots.
Someone could shatter my window panes.
So I loathe windows.
Broken windows are painful.

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Concealed by dark clouds
You keep shining.
Bright streaks of light
Dazzle me.
Enchant me.
And keep me waiting..
Waiting for you.


The eyes searched someone. The one she could run to at times of need. In someone’s lap, she would pour out all her troubles.
Nobody came.  She grew up, rimmed her eyes with kohl. But they could never hide her tears.
No one came when her soul was ripped apart. No one heard her cries. No one mourned her loss.
After  a while, she thought that tears were a part of the eyes.

All Consuming Love

Dear You,

Looks like I have found you.

In the depths of my love, I notice your smile.

Yes, the one you flash after that brief moment of joy.

I feel your fingers entwined in mine. All the time.

Your eyes speak to mine, asking me questions.

Remember the first time I told you of my affection and my afflictions ?

You must know this. You consume my thoughts, time and grief.

Glad to have met you.