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Pre-note : I wrote this post under heavy influence of a Bollywood movie called "London-Paris-New York".
I am not to be blamed if this post bores/kills/frustrates you.

No one reads but I still write.


Don’t “really” me. You just won’t understand.

What? That even though you try to act smart, you are, basically, a fool.


You should be!  You just don’t understand?  Why do I have to be so direct to you? Don’t you know how I feel?


See! You know. But again, you act as if you don’t.

I don’t act. I really don’t.

I am tired.

So am I.

How did you know that I was a fool?

A fool never misses noticing another one.


Just like you.

As if I have a choice!

A still from LPNY (Courtesy : Google)


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Concealed by dark clouds
You keep shining.
Bright streaks of light
Dazzle me.
Enchant me.
And keep me waiting..
Waiting for you.

Amidst Soul-lessness

There is smoke somewhere. 
I cannot seem to figure out where. 
The lights are here, the music is here.
Has it been home here ?
Perhaps. Maybe when it did not rain.
Or maybe when it rained and it did not matter.
Maybe when I walked alone, smiling to myself. 
Or maybe when I realized I was okay.
Had it been always like this ?

Not really. 
Things clicked, took effort and blood. 
Did I do it ? Or the beasts did ? Maybe we both together,
Played this game. 
Amidst soulful solitude, it was love. 
Maybe appreciation.
Another journey, another dry spell. 
Will it ever be home again ? 

P.S. : Penned at Candies, Bandra on 11th January 2017 

All Consuming Love

Dear You,

Looks like I have found you.

In the depths of my love, I notice your smile.

Yes, the one you flash after that brief moment of joy.

I feel your fingers entwined in mine. All the time.

Your eyes speak to mine, asking me questions.

Remember the first time I told you of my affection and my afflictions ?

You must know this. You consume my thoughts, time and grief.

Glad to have met you.